Friday, December 30, 2005

Site Synopsis

I've been a reader ever since I can remember. I'm not claiming anything remarkable about that but I haven't met a lot of people with the same taste in books as me. As a child I read the same classics that many of my generation grew up with. Eric Carle begat E. B. White, White begat James Howe, Howe begat Stephen King, King begat Edgar Allen Poe, and then I entered University. I didn't read a lot during University. Unless the book was demanded for a course, I didn't think I had the time to read it. In the summers of course I read during my particularly stress-free student jobs, but didn't really become obsessed with reading until moving to the Arctic to teach. With the exception of mountain biking, I'm by no means an outdoors person and this meant that the North, while great for a new experience, had the potential to get rather boring for me. So I read. And read and read. And now books consume most of my free time (free time being scarce as a teacher and father of two). I think I've graduated beyond the Stephen King books (who himself claimed to be the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Coke) but find it hard to find many people to discuss books with. My wife and some friends of mine share a similar taste in books but we've never actually all read the same book at the same time a la book club style, and so by the time we all read the same book the others have forgotten what exactly we liked or disliked and so the conversations are somewhat lax. So, instead of starting a book club up in my community, I've decided to give this route a try. Bear with me, as I've never blogged before. But if you've stumbled upon this site and you're reading the same book as I am, feel free to join in. I'll be posting some comments about whatever book I'm currently reading as well as questions you might like to respond to. Or if you're looking for a book to read next, check out what's on my "Next Up" list, then check back to discuss it with me when I've started. I'm taking my time with this and you won't find any August is William Faulkner deadlines here.