Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I once heard Oprah complain that she can never find a bookmark when she needs one and will often resort to a tissue or something to that effect. If Oprah can't keep a bookmark on hand, what chance does the mere mortal have? Over the years, I've used car keys, receipts, lottery tickets, a sock, other books and paper clips to keep my place. Currently I'm using the plastic stub from a Walmart shopping card. What are you currently using for a bookmark? And what is the wierdest thing you've used?


Robert Hiscock said...

Right now my bookmark is a subscription card for Newfoundland Quarterly, which is not that odd. The strangest have included things like a piece of leather insole, a packet of salt or a leaf.

Scotty said...

I am currently using the paper wrapper from a McDonald's straw.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Great question!

Using my aliant bill right now... which of course makes me not want to read. The less I see that thing the better, which is probably why it was stuck in the middle of a book in the first place.


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Christina said...

Right now I am using a coupon for those so-called "free" animal cards that come in the mail that are really $49.99 for a dozen. In the past, I have used a picture of my kids, a bus transfer, dental floss (unused), a gum wrapper, a piece of grass (which stained my book), a sheet of stickers...I'm not proud! I don't think I actually have any real bookmarks.

Rebecca said...

I have a mug of bookmarks I've collected over the years, which I keep on my bookcase.

I've used string, CDs, other books, knitting needles, and leaves in the past.

John Mutford said...

Plantlife seems to be the most popular choice. Isn't it enough that we destroyed a tree to make the book in the first place. Geez, we're a flora hating bunch, aren't we?