Monday, January 16, 2006

Chamazon Vs. Summerford Public Library Vs. The Book Worm

Anyone reading my last post (or checking out links within some of my others) may mistakenly believe that I'm all about supporting and advertising big business. I'm not. I have links, yes to Chapters or Amazon (i.e., the oh-so-clever Chamazon reference in my banner), because I'm not opposed to them per say. Living where I live, I can't afford to be a bookstore snob. You see, I have access to a library three nights a week. And that library isn't well stocked. To get a book brought in through the inter-library loans program takes forever and that program is in danger of being squashed anyway. That leaves the locally run bookstores. Yeah right. We have an Irving, a Foodland and a Home Hardware in town. That's it. So, I rely on occasional trips into the megalopolis known as Gander. There they have a wide variety of bookstores; they have the used bookstore The Book Worm (check out their innovative website). I'd love to buy all my books used, but again the selection isn't always that large. And then there's...hmm...does Dominion sell paperbacks? I think I saw a couple of Mary Higgins Clark books there. Did I say wide variety of bookstores in Gander? Scratch that. So I'm left to buy online. And Chapters and/or Amazon usually has what I'm looking for. So, I know it's the whole "I'm anti-Walmart but I have to shop there because..." argument, but until a better solution is to be found, I'm shopping big-business baby. For shame.

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Robert Hiscock said...

I hear you.

I wish there was some place in central Newfoundland where I could find the media I want.

In Gander, The Bookworm and a gift shop at the airport (that carries a good selection of Newfoundland fiction) are pretty much the only options and often they don't cut it. The only recourse is to shop online... and I do it pretty much guilt free.

I refuse to understand why
a town the size of Gander can't support
a proper bookstore. It's sad.