Friday, January 20, 2006

Favourite Awards?

Lately, I've been thinking about the impact that awards have had on my reading. I've mentioned before of my affinity for Canada Reads. I'm not sure that constitutes an award, but it's probably the largest influence on my reading choices. Other than that, I watch the Gillers and make note of who won, adding the winner to my wishlist. If I happen to hear of a winner of another high profile award, that might make it to my wishlist as well. Ignoring the fact that many of these awards are probably based on politics and back-slapping as much as anything else, which awards do you look forward to the most and/or plan to read? I've listed many suggestions below but feel free to add another:
1. Pulitzer Prize for literature
2. Orange Prize
3. Governor General
4. Nobel Prize For Literature
5. Winterset Award
6. Stephen Leacock Award
7. Percy Janes First Novel Award
8. Man Booker Prize
9. IMPAC Dublin Award
10 Hugo Award
11. Caldecott Medal
12. SFWA Nebula Award
13. Newbery Medal
14. Commonwealth Writer's Prize
15. Pierre Berton Award
16. Mr. Christie's Book Award
17. Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award
16. Mr. Christie's Book Award


Robert Hiscock said...

I've become a fast fan of the Winterset Award and eagerly awaiting February to find out who will be nominated this year. I've never made a point of reading the Giller nominees in the past but I've added them to my wishlist this year.

I'm not an active follower of any other awards but I'm usually impressed by Newbury/Caldecott winners so I will often read those. In my opinion, a well-written and illustrated childrens book is as satisfying a read as anything else on the market.

Robert Hiscock said...

The Newbery/Caldecott winners were announced today.

Robert Hiscock said...

Michael Crummey's The Wreckage has been nominated for the Roger's Writers Trust.