Sunday, February 05, 2006

Arthur's Nose Job Nightmare

This has been bothering me for a while now, and finally I get around to blogging about it. Arthur books. Those childrens' books about the spectacled aardvark named Arthur. Does anyone remember the very first one entitled Arthur's Nose ?

It was a delightful little introduction to Arthur who was self-conscious about his long nose and wished to have surgery to shorten it. The moral of the story was one of self-acceptance. Arthur saw that his nose made him special, unique and came to appreciate its value. That's a message anyone could have gotten behind, right? Well, not author Marc Brown. In the later Arthur books it looks like Arthur's self-acceptance was short lived. Did he opt for the surgery after all? What happened to the snout? How's he supposed to lick up termites with those tiny little nostrils stuck right on the front of his face?
Now, I know many of you are thinking "what child is going to pick up on that?" The baby Cyranos, the Pinnochio juniors, and Barbara Streisand that's who. How would you feel if you had an overly long schnoz, made your peace with it because hey, if Arthur's okay with it, so are you, and then bam, Arthur gets rhinoplasty? And what about poor Arthur? What if his body dysmorphic disorder gets out of hand. Is this the future of our beloved little earth pig?


Robert Hiscock said...

On the bright side, Brown's efforts are allowing our toddlers to recognise hipocrisy at a earlier age than ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think more than just toddlers are learning lessons from Arthur. It is for the young and the terminally young at heart.

Mrosso said...

Hey Robert, excellent comment, and as an old futt who never knew that that strange looking animal character was even supposed to be an aardvark correctly said dude.