Monday, February 20, 2006

Canada Reads- Part Two (Who Will Win)

I'll cut to the chase. Three Day Road will win. And if it doesn't win I'll ...I don't know, read another Tom Clancy novel. That's just how sure I am!

Why will it win? Mostly because it's a damn good book, but also because of politics. Anyone listening to past Canada Reads can tell you- it's not always about the book, it's about the way the game is played. And it can be very Survivor-esque in the way alliances are made. These are my day to day predictions (Nostradamus would not be proud):

Day Two: - A Complicated Kindness
(For all you newbies, no book gets booted on day one) The first book to go will probably be A Complicated Kindness. Why? It's not the worse book- but the worse book doesn't typically go first. However it is very popular and has won a lot of recent awards. Books with too much popularity tend to get the boot- ex. Barney's Version and Oryx and Crake). Plus, unlike the worse book (i.e., Deafening) which people will be content to leave for a while, people might view this one as a threat and get rid of it right away.

Day Three: - Cocksure
Scott Thompson will be the guy to watch. Someone usually tends to dominant these debates and while I'm not sure if he'll be that person (it could be Nelofer Pazira), he'll most likely be seen as the guy holding the balance of power. Though I don't think Cocksure stands a chance in hell (If Barney's Version couldn't do it, the lesser quality Cocksure surely won't), the other panelists will be vying for Thompson's vote. That said, it won't be Maureen McTeer's pick, Deafening. That'll be way too boring and PC for him. I strongly suspect (and hope!)he'll side with Susan Musgrave's choice, Rooms For Rent in the Outer Planets. However, this is the day Cocksure goes limp, and Thompson is a free agent.

Day Four: - Deafening
It'll just be time to put it out of it's misery. It was never a real contender anyway. If Maureen McTeer couldn't save it on Combat Des Livres, why would things be any different here? Plus, one of the only reasons it'll stay this long is because Nelofer Pazira knows it makes Three Day Road look like the best novel ever written.

Day Five: - Rooms For Rent in the Outer Planets
Now the truth. Despite getting Thompson on her side, there will be no vacancy in the Outer Planets. Samson will most definitely go for Three Day Road, and the last person's ballot to be revealed will be Maureen McTeer. Bill Richardson will try and build up the tension about McTeer being vindictive against "that other war book" or will she vote for her favourite of the two irregardless? But I don't think she'll be spitey and in the end

The Winner Will Be (alas): + Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

And despite the fact that I'd personally like to see Rooms for Rent win, I'd be okay with this outcome. One last prediction: host Bill Richardson will wax philosophically for a good ten minutes about the fact that a poetry collection made it as far as it did.

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