Sunday, February 12, 2006

Reader's Diary #32: Joseph Boyden: Three Day Road (up to Mistatimwak/ Horses)

While I am enjoying the stories of Niska and Xavier very much so far, I do find myself growing impatient for some sort of connection- a connection other than the fact that aunt and nephew are sharing these stories as they travel up a river. Perhaps their stories will never connect to one another in detail- maybe they are just working through their demons while recounting their pasts. But personally, I'd like a connection in the main characters' lives soon.

I'm also a little disappointed in the supernatural element. This is more of a problem with me than with the novel, I admit. I've just never been all that receptive to the idea of spirit-human interactions, no matter what the faith. I'm not saying I'm shut off to the ideas of a spiritual realm all together, but when Boyden started introducing the "powers" of aunt Niska I have to say, I felt a little sigh coming on. And I still find myself trying to rationalize her visions. Maybe she's slightly schizophrenic, maybe it's stress- related hallucinations, that sort of thing. It's especially distracting to the novel when one if its strengths seems to be the gritty realism when describing the war.

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