Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reader's Diary #35- Joseph Boyden: Three Day Road (up to Masinahikewin/ Writing)

I guess all I needed was some patience.

In my last posting about this book (so many moons ago) I said that I wished the stories of Niska and Xavier were unified somehow, and that I was coming up with scientific theories to rationalize Niska's visions. Since then both of those issues were addressed.

Finally I get to see the history between Niska and her nephew. In reality she had been more of a mother to him, and so this trip she is taking with him is more meaningful than had she been just another relative.

In terms of Niska's visions, Boyden doesn't debunk them in the least. However, he does elaborate on her physical condition (going into greater detail about her seizures) and thus, provides an "out" for skeptics like me.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this book a few days ago and we agreed that the war scenes in this book are described amazingly well. While neither of us have had any experience with any war and actual veterans might balk at Boyden's war descriptions for all I know, it certainly seems realistic. And so either Boyden is either an amazing researcher, an amazing bluffer, or both.

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Unknown said...

I also thought the war scenes were done very well. I know the Canada Reads people complained that they were too extensive, but I didn't find that at all. Not one time did I say to myself, "Ugh, I wish they would get on with it already." I think I liked the Niska's parts better, but I did not dislike the war scenes. They were realistic, in your face, and gruesome. There was no glory involved- Elijah's victories weren't considered a good thing all the time, and Xavier's shame in his duty to kill made him more endearing.