Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Winterset Shocker

For all you non-Newfoundlanders out there, the Winterset awards are Newfoundland's most prestigious awards for books (or so I've been told). I hadn't particularly followed them before, but I was looking forward to hearing the nominees this year and predicting who would be on that list. The only one I was sure of (so sure of that I added her book to my "Next Up" section) was Lisa Moore's Alligator. After all, it was shortlisted for the Giller and won the Carribean and Canadian region Commonwealth Award . But I guess that didn't matter. In the end, Alligator wasn't nominated for the Giller. Oh well. I still look forward to reading it. And now there's three new books added to my impossibly long "To Read" list.

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Robert Hiscock said...

All I can say is that we are in for a real treat when it comes to reading the Winterset shortlist candidates, if they are better than Moore and Crummey.