Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reader's Diary #54- David Adams Richards: Hockey Dreams (FINISHED!)

I finished this book a few days ago actually and it made so little impact on me that it was only today that I realized I hadn't blogged about it since. In the end, I haven't changed my views on hockey one way or the other; I'm still ambivalent.

Reading this book is much like listening to any debate in which arguments revolve around overly sentimental anecdotes. At times it was slightly entertaining in the same way any of those nostalgic for the 60s things go (cue Joe Cocker), but the book wasn't a memoir as such- it was more of an essay on why hockey is so important to Canadians and why we should care that it remains so. The gist of his argument seems to me summed up by the sub-title, "memories of a man that couldn't play". What he really means is play on an organized team. And the "man" that couldn't play was an icon; an icon who represented David who was kept off teams because of a limp, his friend Stafford who was almost losing his eyesight via diabetes, another who was looked down upon because of poverty, another because she was female, and so on. At the end we are supposed to see some significance in the fact that not only did they play anyway (in their own games on the Miramachi) but they also held unto their dreams of hockey superstardom. I think we are subtly being told that as Canadians we should do the same, even when our National teams fail miserably at the Olympics (not you Women's team- you did great). But blah, blah, blah. If people want to keep Canada's identity as a nation of Hockey playing youth, go ahead. Maybe my own children will join them- maybe they won't. It'll be their choice, not mine and definitely not David Adams Richards'.

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