Thursday, April 13, 2006

Canada Reads - Review of the Preview

If you want to know how big a fan I am of Canada Reads, know this: I downloaded the preview from the Canada Reads site. And while this mightn't seem impressive, also know that it's a 46 minute mp3 and I have dial-up.

It was an entertaining show. Scott Thompson was funnier than I remembered. There were some interesting clips: Maureen McTeer talking with Francis Itani, Susan Musgrave getting advice from Donna Morrissey, and so forth. But in the long run, it hasn't changed my predictions at all.

Panelist John Samson, seems to be taking advice from Jim Cuddy and trying to not appear like much of a threat. But this laying low bit is probably not going to work again, it's already been done and so, the others will probably not fall for it. At least I hope not. If they do, then my prediction of it being the first to go will be way off. It could go to the final two- but there's no way in hell A Complicated Kindness will win. It and Deafening are the two longshots for sure.

Speaking of Deafening, did anyone else get the impression that Itani is as nutty as wing-nut Annie Proulx?

I'd also like to comment on Donna Morrissey's advice to Susan Musgrave; while I get a kick out of Morrissey, her advice was pointless. I felt last year that the panelists voted for Rockbound despite Morrissey's defence (it's a great book, her defence was not). So I think Musgrave is best to follow her own strategy rather than rely on Morrissey's "vote with your heart" comment. Not that it will matter anyhow. Three Day Road is going to win. Especially now that Scott Thompson has revealed that he sort of has a thing for Nelofer - well, as much a thing as a gay guy could I guess. I thought Thompson could be the swing vote for Rooms For Rent, but I guess that's out now.

Finally, speaking of Thompson, I fear he's not going to be taken seriously. I also think that he's going to be defending the book on issues that won't be relevant to the discussion. In the preview, he seemed to be hung up on how humourous the book is. I think we'll find that the other panelists won't disagree with him on this point, but Thompson will still focus only on that point, instead of the books other merits.

We'll soon see!!!!!!!

(Or hear anyway- the show won't be televised this year. Hmmfff.)

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Robert Hiscock said...

I'm looking forward to Canada Reads this year more than ever. I've often been an interested listener but this time, as I've gone out of the way to read all contenders, I'm feeling engaged in the process. That said, mysense of engagement has been fueled more by this site than by anything the CBC has done.

The Canada Reads site, while not terrible by CBC standards, offer little to really engage or entice a potential participant.

I'm delighted that they chose to post the preview however. I look forward to hearing it and I hope it's an indication that they are committed to offering richer content, better opportunities to participate and more meaningful content in the future.

With Canada Reads, the CBC is on to something good, hopefully they will foster it to its full potential.