Friday, April 07, 2006

Freestyle Survey

I'm not sure that this counts for anything but CBC Radio's Freestyle is doing a survey to see how their male audience differs from their female audience in terms of favourite books.
I always have trouble picking favourites. It's pretty fluid for me and often just depends on the mood I'm in. However, there's a small handful that come to mind more often. But since the rules indicate that we can name just one, I'll suggest Mordecai Richler's Barney's Version. Though it's a tough call between that and Wayne Johnston's Colony of Unrequited Dreams. Oh well, it's a pretty arbitrary ranking anyway.
What will you suggest (if any)? You can email your pick to just make sure to put "My Best Book" in the subject line. It closes next Tuesday and the results will be revealed on Thursday (April 13).


Robert Hiscock said...

I've been thinking about this since this afternoon and I still don't know though Colony was my immediate first choice.

There are too many books. How can a reader pick just one?

Robert Hiscock said...

i missed the episode but read the list online, I see my pick didn't make the shortlist for either male or female... Canada's favorite books are not my favorite books. I wonder how many people participated.

John Mutford said...

No great surprises. Jane Austen on the female side? Can't say I'm shocked. Though I was a little surprised to see Grapes of Wrath on the male side. Not that it's not a good book, I just didn't think people cared about it anymore.