Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reader's Diary #102- Milton Acorn: More Poems For People (FINISHED!)

An Homage To The Nut

To write like Milton Acorn
You must write the first thoughts that come to mind
and don't go back to editt
even when you know
words are spelt wrong
and you must repeat yourself
and repeat it again
and again
because chances are, your readers aren't educated
and they'll need the reinforcement
subtlety is a no no
your readers and targets alike
are idiots
yes, throw in a couple of entirely capitalized words too
(and parentheses that don't close
mention the proletariat a million times
so no one forgets your shtick
and be as arrogant as humanly possible
in fact, do it better than anyone else
and remind them that you've done it better than anyone else
in fact, name names if necessary
you're better than bp Nichol

And finally write essays if you so desire. Stick them in your collections of poetry. Maybe someone will mistake them for prose poems. Maybe someone will forget it was supposed to be a collection of poems. Maybe someone will think your opinions are intelligent and decide to fight capitalism. Or then again, maybe you'll just be forgotten until 30 years later when a subpar critic buys your book for 30 cents at a local library and makes you out to be complete s_ _ _.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Brilliant! You are the next Poet Laureate!

Sure b'y said...

First thing that comes ot mind, with no editing, no rechecing and CAPS wherever I want is: LOVE IT!

John Mutford said...

Barbara: Brilliant, eh? Hmmm. I've written a few limericks that might change your mind.

Sure b'y: I guess there is a certain freedom. Unfortunately, I don't know if that's what Acorn was actually doing!

Sure b'y said...

John, you misunderstood my comments. I meant that I loved your poem. I thought it was fantastic!

John Mutford said...

Sure b'y: Wow, with you and Barbara I might actually have two customers to buy my collection of poetry (should I ever publish one). And with two book sales, I'd be on par with just about every other poet in the country!