Friday, July 28, 2006

On a personal note...

I've avoided much of anything personal on my blog, but I need to get into a little detail now.

My blog will be temporaily neglected for the next week or two. For the moment we're without a home (let alone internet access). We've sold our house and are moving to Iqaluit! There's so much to do with moving at the best of times. Try moving to the Arctic! Try moving your car there! It's nuts. It's tiring. It's preventing me from blogging :(

But it shan't keep me from reading, so stay tuned!

And hopefully, the next time I blog, my profile at the top will not say Summerford, it will say Iqaluit.



Robert Hiscock said...

Iqaluit's gain is our loss.

John Mutford said...

Thanks Rj!

I'm just happy the NF Blogroll lets in traitors like me!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm so glad there are no distances here in the blogosphere. I hope the move is going as smoothly as possible. I wish you much joy in your new home.

John Mutford said...

It is going as smooth as can be expected. I just didn't expect to have as much access (or time) to blog while in the interim. We should be there on the 5th.