Monday, July 17, 2006

Writer's Diary #3- Waves (Third draft)

* Sorry if this is getting tedious, but there might be a 100 or so of the same poem reworked slightly each time. Feel free to ignore, or better yet feel free to give advice and/or critiques.


At six in the morning
you are awake
and the day comes from you
in sparkling dust-
your hope spread over the beach like
a salt blanket on the smooth stones.
You turn it back gently
rousing the child
for the trip.
A last glance reveals
sea weed left like teddy bears
Or were they relics of
(bubbles baked sepia
in yesterday’s sun

At six in the evening
you are more awake
and you slam the day on the table,
sending glasses off
to shatter as you seeth.
Noon was your gamble,
your stakes were high-
and you lost.
Leaving the stones
granite cold, granite damp
granite uncovered
(except for another batch
of sea weed
yet to harden
and polluted with seizures
of insignificant shrimp

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