Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reader's Diary #146- William Shakespeare: Othello (FINISHED)

Why is Shakespeare still so highly regarded? The most common answer is relevance. People go on and on about how his themes can still apply to today's society, and I would tend to agree.

But am I the only one who finds that depressing?

Look at all of his tragedies: deceit, jealousy, rage, conspiracy, pride, revenge and so on. These plays were written in the 1600s! Isn't it sad that humanity hasn't evolved past these pitfalls yet? Or at the very least, come up with some sort of pill?

The central story of Othello has the title character, otherwise good, torn apart by jealousy and mistrust. And from what? Iago's lies about his (Othello's) wife, Desdemona. And really, what would Dr. Phil say about all of this? He'd probably start with some inane Southern colloquialism, but end up saying something about the value of communication. But why does the world still need a Dr. Phil? Because in 400 years, we still haven't learned a dang thing about communicatin'.

(And for the love of everything Holy, don't answer the "Why does the world still need a Dr. Phil?" It was for comic effect only.)


Christina said...

I'm sure you remember from your reading of Exodus that there are many of the same themes way back then as well. For all the progress we have made from a technological point of view, human nature certainly hasn't improved much.

But now we have cappuccino!

John Mutford said...

Maybe there's a cap on how nice we can be, as an entire species (not as individuals).