Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reader's Diary #148- Matt Cohen: Elizabeth and After (up to page 40)

Call it blogger's doldrums. Call it reader's doldrums. Call it whatever, but for the first time since beginning this blog, I'm finding myself at a loss for words.

Sure I can come up with a few starters:
1. I'm enjoying the down to earth characters and setting
2. I'm enjoying Cohen's descriptive abilities: he has a tendency to list as many details as possible (not as tedious as it sounds), and his similes tend to be realistic ones the characters might actually think of (not army sergeants comparing things to ballet dances).
3. Cohen always seems to have the title in mind, especially the "and After" part. There's a lot of retrospection going on, yet he hasn't bogged the story down with flashbacks.

But that's about it. So, I'm going to take the lazy route out tonight. Here are some others that have blogged about Elizabeth and After:

50 Books- Vancouver blogger, Doppelganger focuses on the likeability of Cohen's characters.

My Own Private Bookclub- Niagara on the Lake blogger, Maribel summarizes the story and while she seems to have enjoyed it, questions its Governor General award.

Strung Along- I'm not sure who runs this blog. Basically, it's just a few generic words of praise. Says that Cohen doesn't condescend.

Elizabeth and After- Yes, an entire blog devoted just to this book. Created by Sam Sibalis, it gives a chapter by chapter summary as well as Sibalis's opinions. It leaves me with the question, Are my meager conversations about this book even necessary? Oh well. That's not why I set out to blog in the first place.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

An entire blog dedicated to one book? Now that's specializing! I could not maintain focus for that long.

John Mutford said...

Yeah, I've thought about having a specialized blog as well. I considered rating luncheon meats, but haven't gotten too far in my efforts yet. Though I did have some Schneiders All-Beef Balogna today. I'd give it 3 1/2 forks out of five.

I'm assuming the "Elizabeth And After" blog was done for a class project or something.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah that would make sense. But a luncheon meat rating blog, by god, I think you may be onto something (yet again). With ideas like these, you'll be a billionaire before you know it.

John Mutford said...

Actually my billion dollar idea is to heavily market unicycles and have them as popular as skateboards.