Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Writer's Club

(I will not make lame Fight Club references.
I will not make lame Fight club references.
I will not make lame Fight Club references.
I will not make lame Fight Club references.)

So last night we had our first Writer's Club meeting.

It was great. While only 7 (out of the 30 or so that had signed up) showed, that number worked for me. It's a very informal, intimate setting and it's a great mix. Despite the small number, it's amazing how diverse we are. In terms of experiences and interests, there's a lyricist, someone who's published nonfiction, a fantasy/sci-fi fan, and a range from those who have hardly written before to those who have unpublished novels under their belt.

Of course being the first meeting, we had to get housework taken care of (how often we wish to meet, what we want from the club, etc). But then we moved onto the whole reason I was there- to share work and get feedback. Only I and another person did so this week. And C, being more familiar with the Club, fortunately went first.

After she shared her poem, we went around the room and said what we liked, didn't like, or just wanted to ask about. It was great to see from the ones who had been club members in years past, the relaxed approach. Feelings didn't seem to get hurt and people were constructive rather than picky or mean. And best of all, they were specific.

Then I shared a poem of mine- my as of yet untitled coffee poem- and was greatly pleased (and relieved) to see that most liked it, or at least parts of it. While I didn't end up agreeing with the suggestions of one member in particular, it was still nice to get the feedback and I think it will force me to be a better writer in the long run. If I'm going to have to justify why I wrote things a certain way, it'll make me a more critical writer for sure.

Man, I love this place.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good stuff, going into the spotlight in your first meeting of Fi ... Writers' Club. Are there other poets there as well?

Speaking of poets, I finished reading Lynn Coady's Mean Boy. You may enjoy it, being a poet and all. I did enjoy it, but not as much as I thought I would, but that could have been partly because I was expecting so much, on the basis of her earlier books. In the end, it just lacked significance somehow.
(sorry to eat up so much blog space)

John Mutford said...

There are others who write poetry- though none that do so exclusively. I used to write different genres too. I'm hoping some of their influence will rub off.

Thanks for the reading suggestion. As for eating up so much blog space, forget about it oh loyal reader. Where would I be without your comments? Maybe I should list you as a contributor!