Sunday, November 19, 2006

Writer's Diary #11: Found in a Twillingate Pamphlet

At the last writer's club we left with the challenge to write a travel article. I haven't written an "article" as such, but it did inspire this poem about my home town:

When you go to Twillingate
                 you should
take a boat tour
you should take Cec's, no
you should take Sterling's, no
you should take that new one
                 you should
see a show
you should see Eleanor's, no
you should see The Split Peas, no
you should see my mom's
                 you should
shop at Stuckless's
eat at R and J's
quickly notice a familial theme
                 you should
stay at the Anchor Inn, no
at the HarbourLight'sCrewe'sHeritageHomeSeaBreezeParkTouliquetInn...
                 you should
come for the Fish, Fun, and Folk Festival
                 (you should
spend a lot of money)
                you should
know that at the end you will
know as much about them as they
know about you
and what you want
from a vacation


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well you've sold me! I want to go to Twillingate now! Your mom won't mind if I go to her place, will she?

John Mutford said...

Barbara, I was wondering how this would be recieved, as genuine or facetious. The interpretation probably depends on the reader.

It's neat to hear comments from you, to whom these names mean nothing. I wonder what a local would think.

It's a rough draft btw, so suggestions are welcomed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would imagine that to someone who is intimate with Twillingate, there would be a few in-jokes. To me it just sounds like a charming place.

John Mutford said...

Add it to your list of places to see when you make that trip to Newfoundland!