Thursday, February 08, 2007

Writer's Diary #17- Play Idea

I got an email last night from the local theatre group (which I was supposed to be part of, but haven't been yet). In it they said they were considering working with the local writing group (which I am a part of) in coming up with an original play. I'm very excited about the possibility even though I've never written a play before, and have only seen or read a few. But I think with everyone working together, it could come together. My idea, which I'm going to present them with this Monday, is only that, an idea. The story itself will still need to be worked out. Loosely inspired by the Scoobius Pip song "Angles" and a recent Argentinian political ad I saw on YouTube, here's my idea:

The first scene opens at centre stage. Two people are involved in a violent conflict in which someone gets hurt or even killed. From that point on, the stage and scenes are divided, left and right. On the left scenes will work backwards, showing events which led up to the conflict. On the right, alternating scenes will work forwards, showing events which arose as a consequence of the conflict. As scenes alternate left and right, the other side will be darkened. This will continue until the final scene(s) in which both sides are lit, and the two scenes will be identical, even having lines delivered in unison.

The premise, or point I'm trying to get across, is that history is cyclical, repetitive. Not an entirely original idea of course, but delivered in an interesting way. I know traditionally stories work forward (with occasional flashbacks) and I also know it's been trendy (or faddish) to show stories working backward lately, so why not combined the two?

What do you think?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes! That idea rocks! That is actually a really exciting concept! Look at all the exclamation marks I'm using.

I hope your group goes with your idea, and I would love to hear how it progresses.

John Mutford said...

Thanks! And if they do, I hope we can pull it off. I did talk about it with another teacher today. She has a theatre background and seems pretty excited about it. She'd like to help write it.