Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy 10000th! (I Don't Look A Day Over 7500)

Sometime during the wee hours of the morning, I had my 10000th visitor. No prizes are on their way, but if it was you, I appreciate it.

When Rj (Where are you?) help me begin this blog back in December 2005, I had no idea what to expect. I was in for a few surprises.

Initially, I had hoped to reach fellow readers, readers searching for others' thoughts about whatever book they were currently reading. If I get many of those, they're usually quiet in terms of posting comments. That's okay. What I certainly didn't expect was the blogging community.

Mine was a type of blog that I didn't think would attract faithful readers. At the time I thought that if you weren't reading the book I was currently blogging about, the site would hold no interest for a daily reader. Of course, since then I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who reads reviews of books, music, movies, etc that I haven't read, heard, or seen myself. And with that, I've entered into the blogosphere. It's quite remarkable to be communicating regularly with people I've never met in person in Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta and even the U.S.. The whole thing has gobsmacked me.

I've also been surprised by the occasional visit from authors. It's pretty neat to be read by someone I've actually blogged about. Even cooler when they actually add comments! That's left me more reflective about my postings. I admit, I'm not proud of everything I've written. Typos aside (to er is human), I know some of my posts have been vitriolic to say the least. I've often considered going back and deleting such posts, but then I consider that I've called them "diary" entries. If I was feeling particularly nasty at the time, that shouldn't be edited or downplayed. It also shouldn't say too much about the book. Maybe I was having a bad day (packing up and moving to Iqaluit isn't a walk in the park!), or maybe I was just wasn't careful with my sarcastic tone. If any feelings have been hurt, I apologize. For what it's worth, read some of my "Writer's Diaries" and slam my abilities right back! It should also be said that I do not set out to do reviews, I aim to merely comment on my thoughts as I am reading through a particular book. If someone wants to treat them as reviews, that's their prerogative.

What can the next 10000 visitors expect? Conspiracy theories; Elvis sightings, Area 51, JFK's assassination, all these and more will become the new focus of the Book Mine Set. Screw books, from now on it's all tabloids all the time.

Kidding of course. In all probability, visitors can simply expect more of the same. Perhaps, if I'm lucky, "Actor's Diaries" will be added, and if I'm really lucky, my Canada Reads 2008 posts will be from a whole new angle! If all else fails, nude photos of Justin Timberlake. (And this my friends, is the first time I've ever pandered for hits- tune in tomorrow when my hits reach 500000).


Christina said...

:) how many of those were you checking to see if anyone has checked out your blog? hee hee

Christina said...

oh, and PS congratulations! Happy 1000th!!

But please please no nudes of Justin!

John Mutford said...

Christina, 10 000, not 1000! Actually if I was to pay attention to the search strings that have brought people here, I'd post more about Hugh Garner's short story, "The Moose And The Sparrow". Somewhere there must be a highschool teacher who keeps getting her students to write an essay about that particular story- it's amazing how many hits have come from people searching about it. That said, all of those people are surely disappointed. I wrote maybe 3 lines on it. And no, no Timberlake photos.

Allison said...

Congrats! 10,000 is quite impressive.

Before I deleted my hit counter, I was at 25,000, and its only from the wonderful comments that I'm sure people are clicking over through various search engines.

I have to add the sidebar link to Canada Reads for you. I shall do that today.

Christina said...

Sorry, John. I meant to type 10000 and I typed 1000.

I'm having technical difficulties, today.

...not with my computer...with me.

Sad really...

Robert Hiscock said...


PS... I'm still here but going by Robert these days.

Sam Sattler said...

That's quite an accomplishment, John, so congrats on a job well done. I enjoy your writing and have come to really appreciate the fact that I can learn about current Canadian fiction here. That's not always easy way down here. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

10,000 hits! You must be sore.

That's stupendous, John,and just imagine how many more you will get after you are appointed to Canada Reads 2008. I don't think there are that many numbers.

The community aspect is what keeps me addicted to blogging (well that, and the fact that I am a blabberer)

John Mutford said...

Allison, 25000 hits. Sheesh! I've got a ways to go yet.

Christina, That's okay. But you did make be double check my numbers! 10000 in a year and a bit isn't all that special, but 1000 would be downright embarrassing!

Robert, Glad to hear from you! Also glad I can refer to you by name again!

Sam, Thanks, though not much of my Canadian reading is all that current. I think you had actually posted about Crow Lake before I did!

Barbara, yes, I'm quite bruised. But I'm a masochist so I'll continue on.

Dr J said...

Congratulations on your 10,000th! Tough for a blog about books and reading; trust me, I know. :-)

You remind me that I haven't read Hugh Garner since the earth cooled. May have to dig him up again.

John Mutford said...

Dr. J., Since writing this latest post, I've had even more Hugh Garner hits. I suugest if you do decide to dig him up, blog about it! Good to hear from you again.

Dr J said...

Last time I really read Garner, it was high school and we were doing (I think) "The Yellow Sweater" and I thought it quite good. (Alas, my contemps then despised it.) But it called me to read further into his work, but too many years of Lit Studies have since obscured the experience; once more unto the shamble, as it were. Will have to dig into the lib.

Wanted also to say: I gave up on the Canada Reads thing after I watched Olivia Chow puck and haw about her victimization by Beautiful Losers-- and worse, the rest of the group (jury?), including Cohen's defender, all but agreed with her. Though you generally disprove me on this, I'm very cynical on most Canadian readers and their capacities to appreciate literary quality. So my thanks to you, first of all, for reminding me that Can Lit readers aren't always as self-involved and navel-gazing as they often seem to be, especially when so many of their critics and scholars (lamentably) are.

You remind me of the notion of a common reader, not in a pejorative sense, but in the enlightened sense hoped for by both Dr Johnson and Virginia Woolf; i.e., someone geared toward genuinely essayed engagement. (Simplifying, of course, for brevity.) You, your blog, and your efforts thereto, are thus to be commended. And, I think, much more importantly, read.

I wish you thousands more readers. That's also why you're on my "Blogs of Note." Because you deserve to be.

John Mutford said...

I remember the Beautiful Losers debacle. Rufus Wainwright had originally been slated to defend it but Molly Johnson had been called in last second as a sort of pinch-hitter when Rufus had a conflict in his schedule. Instead of having her defend someone else's choice, they should have just let her pick another book of her own. She really didn't seem to try all that hard, I suspect she didn't even enjoy it! You're right, Canada Reads is not flawless. Nelofer Pazira was not a particular favourite of mine either. Too bad really because I thought the book she had brought along was great. Thanks for adding me to your blogs of note!

John Mutford said...

What an insane number of typos I've made here in these comments. My apologies!