Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bookworms Carnival

Just a reminder that October's Bookworms Carnival is up and running over at This Is The Life. If you want to discuss spooky books, perhaps even debate what that means, I suggest you go there a.s.a.p.

Next month is my turn and I've been requesting short story related posts for a while now, so bear with me if it's getting monotonous! I should clarify what that means, since I've gotten a few posts submitted lately that aren't related to my theme at all. Granted some have been spam and they're not at all concerned with what I want (enlargements not withstanding), but perhaps I should throw out what I am looking for anyway:

1. Read a short story lately? Post your thoughts on it!

2. Perhaps you've read a collection of short stories? Stephen King's Everything's Eventual and Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things are excellent examples. Post your opinions about one or more of the stories, do a review.

3. Anthologies of short stories are fine to critique as well. Perhaps they have a theme: Feminist short stories, Australian Short Stories, etc.

4. Lists. Perhaps you want to compile a list of your favourite short stories or short story authors- that's fair game. Maybe a list of great American short stories or something.

5. Don't like short stories? Write a post saying why not. Or if you do, even better.

6. Write your own short story. This is your chance to promote it! And don't be intimidated. Just have fun.

Basically, if you've written a post, or plan to, in any way related to short stories, I'd love to include in the carnival. Just email me with a link to it at jmutford [at] hotmail [dot] com. It doesn't have to be something new you've written specifically for this carnival, it could be something you've written a while back- feel free to scour your archives. This is a great, fun way to show off your blog and gets loads of new visitors.


Imani said...

Oh! For some reason I didn't know that I could submit something buried in archives. I shall go forthwith and search.

Dewey said...

Everyone gets unrelated submissions, and sometimes it's not just submissions that don't work with the theme, but submissions that are not even book related. That's because there are people who spam every carnival. I found that out when I got unrelated submissions for the first Bookworms carnival from the same people who sent unrelated submissions when I hosted the carnival of feminists.

John Mutford said...

Imani: By all means, dig away.

Dewey: It's odd though isn't it that people would go through all the trouble of a blog submission form, to tell me ways to get rich and find God and all that stuff. Are they honestly expecting me to link to that?