Friday, November 23, 2007

Poetry Friday- Writer's Diary #38

Written Up: A Novice Poet Down On Paper

He was showy-
often wearing purple pants
and other loud colours.
and they were all rejected.
e. e. cummings did all
lowercase, what was wrong
with CAPS? He didn't care.
Most people assumed
he was gay.

His poems ran the gamut
of emotions but were "low
on imagery and heft" as
one particularly gray letter
put it. And anyway
was he happy?

God only knew. He did
sleep with men, btw-
but for the experience.
Just as he slept with
women and for what
it's worth, the answer
is no.


Anonymous said...

John, I really, truly, wholeheartedly love this poem. I love it for its humor and its heartbreak. Well done.

Allison said...

Yes, well done. I of course love the CAPS reference, which made me smile and the last few lines really stood out. Lovely.

John Mutford said...

Kelly: I hoped to convey a mixture of both. Thanks!!!

Allison: Ha, yes, I remember your aversion to those caps! Glad you enjoyed it.

Cathrine said...

CAPS can be annoying this I will confess
they scream at me and make my emotions go amess

but the poem is beautiful
and full of imagery and heft
and it makes me happy
which is more important that which case is used in any case ;-)

have a good weekend
cathrine, Norway
(I came via Sharon's blog and am glad I did)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This poem greatly appeals to me, on so many levels. Thanks!

John Mutford said...

Cathrine: Glad to have a new visitor! Thanks for the kind words.

Barbara: Modesty aside, I confess to liking the character I've created. I'm thinking he might pop up in further writing projects. It helps that he seems to have resonated with a few people.