Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reader's Diary #313- Sarah Monette: A Light in Troy

Short Story Monday

Sarah Monette came to my attention via Poodlerat. I don't often read fantasy and so I pretty much have to go on the recommendations of others.

"A Light In Troy," is a great story regardless of genre. Personally, I like short stories that leave a little to the imagination, written by authors who realize that readers don't necessarily need all the background information to enjoy a story. In this case, the unsaid added to the ambiance and drew me into her dark world.

But dark as it might be, the title suggested optimism and I wasn't let down. It bugs me a little when people balk at happy endings when what they're really against is convenient or over-the-top endings. Monette is careful to leave the conclusion just short of a fairy-tale ending and I think most readers would be content as to where it leaves off.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most about Monette's tale is the emotion that is evoked. I haven't read a lot of fantasy before, but I definitely haven't seen characters this wrought with inner turmoil. Just read the imagery in the first paragraph and try not to care about the protagonist. Heck, I even ended up feeling for her locust master. Yes, I said locust master. You'll just have to read it to know what I mean.

Thanks to Poodlerat for pointing me in her direction!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you picked a winner this week!! I will make a special note to find this one.

I finally got a copy of Neil Gaiman's other book of short stories, so I could again participate in Short Story Monday's!

Rob Hardy said...

Since I felt the need to defend the honor of Elizabeth Taylor after last week's trashing, I've slipped in my own review of "Miss A. and Miss M." this week!

John Mutford said...

Stephanie: Great! I really enjoyed reading the last one vicariously through you!

Rob: Good review. I'm not sure why I have such a wall up where her writing is concerned.

Cathrine said...

It sounds very good :) .... my fav short story authors are: Ali Smith, Julie Orringer, Lahiri, Munro .... Marquez. Up nezxt for me when it comes to short stories are Frances Hwang and Colm Toibin.

About the Lego Advent ... I had not heard about them either. My son informed ;o) me that his best friend had one last year a few weeks ago. I jumped at the chance of buying one without candy or "junk" in it.

Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome, I'm glad you liked her! She's become one of my favourite authors since I read her first book a few months ago.

You may enjoy The Bone Key even if you don't usually like fantasy. The protagonist is engaging, and the atmosphere is perfect for the kind of eerie supernatural tales she tells in that book.