Sunday, January 06, 2008

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Pooker for correctly matching all 5 blurbs, books, and bloggers. The correct answers were:

1. What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies as reviewed by Steve

2. The Culprits by Robert Hough as reviewed by Leo

3. Shelf Monkey by Corey Redekop as reviewed by Remi

4. Where is the Voice Coming From? by Rudy Weibe as reviewed by August

5. Effigy by Alissa York as reviewed by Pooker

Pooker will receive a copy of Gil Adamson's The Outlander courtesy of Anansi Press.

1 comment:

pooker said...

Thank you!
I did think I had a bit of an advantage though, one of the reviews being my own. Plus Remi so aptly described Shelf Monkey that I only had to scratch my head a bit for the other three. Thanks to all the reviewers. I enjoyed reading your reviews and, of course, adding a whack of books to Mount TBR!