Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Canadian Book Challenge- 4th Update

Looks like we're at the half way point!

And while many of us have stalled, a big congratulations to Leo and August for finishing already (applause, applause). Not only that, but we've had still more brave souls join. Good luck! Here are the standings so far:

The Grosbeaks (13 Books)

- Garcia's Heart by Liam Durcan*
- October by Richard B. Wright*
- Stormy Weather by Paulette Jiles*
- The Bone Sharps by Tim Bowling*
- Helpless by Barbara Gowdy*
- The Culprits by Robert Hough
- The End of The Alphabet by CS Richardson
- The Outlander by Gil Adamson
- Bottle Rocket Hearts by Zoe Whittall
- The Reckoning of Boston Jim by Claire Mulligan
- Coureurs De Bois
by Bruce MacDonald
- As Good As Dead
by Stan Rogal
- Woman in Bronze
by Antanas Silieka

- Fits Like A Rubber Dress by Roxanne Ward*
- Flesh and Gold by Phyllis Gotlieb*
- Yellowknife by Steve Zipp*
- Home Movies by Ray Robertson*
- In The Place of Last Things by Michael Helm*
- The Dakest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay*
- The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay*
- The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay*
- The Love of A Good Woman by Alice Munro*
- Dead Man's Float by Nicholas Maes*
- Where Is The Voice Coming From? by Rudy Wiebe
- Fat Woman by Leon Rooke
- The Republic of Love by Carol Shields

The Canada Geese (12 Books)

The Snowy Owls (11 Books)

- High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories by Robertson Davies*
- The Serpent's Egg by J. Fitzgerald McCurdy*
- Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel*
- Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock
- Kanada by Eva Wiseman
- The Tin Flute by Gabrielle Roy
- The Alchemist's Dream by John Wilson
- Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
- Gemini Summer by Iain Lawrence
- Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel
- Dust by Arthur Slade

- King of Russian by Dave King*
- Fatal Passage by Ken McGoogan*
- Alligator by Lisa Moore
- Sailing to Saratanium by Guy Gavriel Kay
- Spook Country by William Gibson
- And No Birds Sang by Farley Mowat
- Uninvited Guest by John Degen
- Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay
- Badlands by Robert Kroetsch
- Shelf Monkey by Corey Redekop
- What's Bred In The Bone by Robertson Davies

The Green Loons (10 Books)

The Osprey (9 Books)

- Salamander by Thomas Warton*
- Mercy Among The Children by David Adams Richards*
- Airborn by Kenneth Oppel*
- The Story Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery
- Birds in Fall by Brad Kessler
- The White Dawn by James Houston
- Crow Lake by Mary Lawson
- Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book by Bill Richardson
- Latitude of Melt by Joan Clark

The Kingfishers (8 Books)

The Polar Bears (7 Books)

- The Birth House by Amy McKay*
- The Time In Between by David Bergen
- Love: A Book of Remembrances by bpNichol
- Out of the Sea by Victor Kendall and Victor G. Kendall
- Uncommon Prayer by Susan McMaster
- One Woman's Arctic by Sheila Burnford
- Harpoon of the Hunter by Markoosie

The Loons (6 Books)

- The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler*
- Hockey Dreams by David Adams Richards
- A Boy of Good Breeding by Miriam Toews
- The Lost Salt Gift of Blood by Alistair MacLeod
- The Inuk Mountie Adventure by Eric Wilson
-Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam

- La Sagouine by Antonine Maillet*
- The Island Means Minago by Milton Acorn*
- Yellowknife by Steve Zipp
- A Hard Witching by Jacqueline Baker
- Smuggling Donkeys by David Helwig
- Covenant of Salt by Martine Desjardins

The Coats of Arms (5 Books)

- Along The Shore by Lucy Maud Montgomery*
- A Secret Between Us by Daniel Poliquin*
- Rick Mercer Report: The Book by Rick Mercer
-The Hunter's Moon by Orla Melling
-Against The Odds by Lucy Maud Montgomery

- The Secret World of Og by Pierre Berton*
- The Morningside World of Stuart McLean*
- A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny
- Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast by Bill Richardson
- Them Times by David Weale

- Rene Angelil Unauthorized Biography by Jean Beaunoyer*
- Starting Out by Pierre Berton
- A Nurse's Story by Tilda Shalof
- One Red Paper Clip by Kyle MacDonald
- Miss O by Betty Oliphant

- The Garneau Block by Todd Babiak*
- Timbit Nation by John Stackhouse*
- Kanada by Eve Wiseman*
- The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood*
- Curling For Dummies by Bob Weeks*

- Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast by Bill Richardson*
- Brown Girl In The Ring by Nalo Hopkinson*
- King Leary by Paul Quarrington*
- Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay
- Effigy by Allisa York

The Caribou (4 Books)

- The Torontonians by Phyllis Brett Young*
- Lost In The Barrens by Farley Mowat*
- Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway*
- Shelf Monkey by Corey Redekop

- The Outlander by Gil Adamson*
- I Married The Klondike by Laura Beatrice Berton*
- Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay*
- My Name is Bosnia by Madeleine Gagnon*

- Swann by Carol Shields*
- Unless by Carol Shields
- The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
- The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

- Brown Girl In The Ring by Nalo Hopkinson*
- Big Man Coming Down The Road by Brad Smith*
- Houdini's Shadow by Leo Brent Robillard
- The Culprits by Robert Hough

The Bluenoses (3 Books)

- Voyages of Hope by Peter Johnson*
- Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
- Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

- Birds In Fall by Brad Kessler
- Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clark
- The Word For Home by Joan Clark

Geranium Cat
- The Honeyman Festival by Marian Engel
- A Deathful Ridge by J. A. Wainwright
- Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clark

- By The Time You Read This by Giles Blunt*
- Life of Pi by Yann Martel
-A Touch of Panic by L.R. Wright

- The Bird Artist by Howard Norman*
- Wonderful Strange by Dale Jarvis
- The Long Run by Leo Furey

- Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam*
- The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx
- No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod

- Larry's Party by Carol Shields*
- Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery
- The Long Stretch by Linden MacIntyre

- Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine*
- Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood*
- Not An Easy Choice: Re-Examining Abortion by Kathleen McDonnell

- Brown Girl In The Ring by Nalo Hopkinson*
- Mercy Among The Children by David Adams Richards*
- The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

Teddy Rose
- Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King*
- Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen*
- Barnacle Love by Anthony De Sa*

Brown Paper
- The Assassin's Song by M. G. Vassanji*
- No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod*
- Obasan by Joy Kogowa*

- Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje
- Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
- Kanada by Eve Wiseman

The Beavers (2 Books)

Gautami Tripathy
- Crow Lake by Mary Lawson
- The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Dahlia and Balu
- Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje*
-Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood*

Sam Lamb
- Consumption by Kevin Patterson*
- The Extraordinary Garden by Francois Gravel*

- The Library Book by Maureen Saw
- fake id by Hazel Edwards

- Mad Shadows by Marie-Claire Blais
- The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx

- Atonement by Gaetan Soucy
- The Big Why by Michael Winter

The Maple Leaves (1 Book)

-Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

-Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

- Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

(If this update is not accurate, please let me know in the comment section and I'll edit it.)

Now, it's prize time! This time it's Kathleen Molloy's Dining With Death. Kathleen, who seems to get my schtick, was nice enough to insert a Canadian Tire money bookmark, as well as a note that read "I hope my style of kinky socio-political critique amuses more than it offends..." You know you're curious. If you wish to own a copy, answer true or false to the following statements:

1. The narrator for Mercy Among The Children is Lyle Henderson.
2. The first line of Consumption is "Storms are disease."
3. The Garneau Block is set in an Ottawa suburb.
4. Larry Weller is the protagonist in Alice Munro's The Love of a Good Woman.
5. Brown Girl In The Ring is a 2008 Canada Reads selection.

Email your answers to jmutford (at) hotmail (dot) com. From all those who enter, I will randomly draw one name and post the winner next Saturday. Please don't post your answer in the comments.

(Special thanks to Kathleen Molloy for donating this book!)


Anonymous said...

Good update, nice to see how everyone is coming along. You missed my review of Yellowknife, though. I'd hate to be listed among the Grosbeaks without thirteen linked reviews. ;)

Bybee said...

I want credit for being a Caribou. I've always liked them..always wanted to see one in person, so to speak...

Court said...

Wow. Congrats to those who have finished the challenge already!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious: what happens to those who move beyond grosbeakdom?
Also, you missed my review of No Great Mischief--I actually have a grand total of three. Please push me up in the ranks into bluenosiness... thanks!

raidergirl3 said...

Great update, I love that I'm a loon!
I'm counting Duddy Kravitz, instead of Eleanor Rigby though.
I'm still a loon, but with Richler.

Anonymous said...

I just today posted a review of Swann by Carol Shields so that's number 4.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I will not let myself participate in this contest, seeing as I was too lazy to partake in the challenge. Let the prize go to someone more deserving (and someone who knows all the answers). Although now I am kicking myself - a book AND Canadian Tire money!

John Mutford said...

August, Brown Paper, Raidergirl, Bookgal: Thanks for the heads up. I've updated the post above. I also fixed Ragdoll's number from 1 to 4.

Bybee: I've seen a herd, which was pretty cool.

Court: Especially since those two started a little late.

Barbara: I plan on starting one up again this Canada Day, so I hope you get involved with that one. It'll give people a little more time- 13 books in 12 months should me a much friendlier time frame for everyone.

Framed said...

Wonderful, my last review just raised me to a Green Loon. Sounds like fun. I'm even going to enter the contest although I will be guessing on most of the questions. If you're doing this again next summer, I'm getting started on my list now. I've been getting lots of ideas.

Framed said...

I just finished No. 11, The Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather. Here's the link:
I may be at this level for a while. I'm having trouble finding the last two books. I may have to find some substitutes.