Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plug Your Ears

I have to pass along a few good ideas I've seen lately...

1st. From Raidergirl, It's Tuesday, Where Are You? Each week she asks where your current book has taken you. As I've written in the header, "My traveling can be done through books" so I really like this idea. Currently I'm Messina, Sicily somewhere around the late 1500s (Much Ado About Nothing).

2nd. Actually I heard of this through Raidergirl as well. It's and for the competitive trivia nuts among you, it might be the last diversion you'll ever need. It's a lot of fun, though I wish they'd add more games more often. For those of a book mindset (notice that I do know how to spell it), how many Shakespeare plays can you name? How about Stephen King novels? Jane Austen? Charles Dickens? Toni Morrison? Classic American or British authors? Famous playwrights? Narnia books? Famous poets?

3rd. Finally, the latest great idea from Dewey: Weekly Geeks. This week is Discover New Blogs Week whereby participants sign up and visit the blogs of five others. My discoveries were:

I. Erin's "A Book Every Day"- This is a very new blog, so it'd be nice for her to get fellow readers checking it out. Based on the memes, choices of classic and contemporary books, and challenges, I'd say Erin's blog fits in perfectly with the book blogging community.

II. Unfinished Person's "Just A (Reading) Fool"- I'll admit that I clicked on this blog because I loved his blogging name. And judging from his "Read so far this year" list, he's got a penchant for quirky titles.

III. Misa's "This Redhead Reads"- Interestingly, this blog seems to have posts about the act of reading itself, rather than particular book reviews. Check out the amusing anecdote reminiscing about having read Danielle Steele for a sixth grade readathon.

IV. Sally's "Book and Other Games"- Diversions galore. Want to find the latest meme or tag? Look no further.

V. Tanabata's "In Spring It Is The Dawn"- Hailing herself as "A Canadian in Japan via England" Tanabata's book reviews are interspersed with awesome photos of Japan.


Anonymous said...

Huh. I didn't even comment on your post. It's your own fault. (so there.) First I went to Raidergirl's blog and then I was hopelessly entangled in the quizzes.

Anyway, thanks for the links!

Dewey said...

I was only able to get 14/58 Stephen King novels, even though after I gave up, it turned out I'd read 30/58. I was pretty shocked to realize I'd read that many. Mostly during college, in my Stephen King phase. How many have you read?

raidergirl3 said...

sporcle is so much fun! I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

Lots of fun stuff going on in blogland, eh?

John Mutford said...

Carrie: Oh yes, the quizzes. If only I had the time back...

Dewey: I got 37 and I've read 42. I also read his nonfiction Danse Macabre. If only I had the time back...

Raidergirl: Should I be thanking you or blaming you?

Anonymous said...

A belated thanks for the mention. I think Dewey's idea of discovering new blogs was a good one, especially for someone like myself new to the reading/book blogosphere. I look forward to hanging out with you some more.