Friday, May 02, 2008

Writer's Diary #47- Wise Appliance (a found poem)

Wise Appliance (a found poem)
loads will take
more time
to dry.

loads into

--John Mutford


Cloudscome said...

I like this so much!! I am going to use it as my mantra this weekend. Thanks!

a. fortis said...

Excellent! Amazing how just the formation of each line somehow makes this very profound advice...though I'm not sure how to apply it beyond laundry... ;)

John Mutford said...

Cloudscome: Don't thank me. Thank GE.

A. Fortis: I'm thinking it can be applied to any large problem.

Sara said...

Ha! You should start a series of these. I can picture your book being a best seller, a la Chicken Soup for the Soul: Appliance Wisdom (and Other Things The Manual Taught Me)

Juli said...

I'm visiting your blog for weekly geeks! Cool find on the poem.