Friday, May 23, 2008

Writer's Diary #49

punctuation #1
by John Mutford

does an ending
like this ,
unease you,


Anonymous said...

Yes. It does.

(When I saw your title I immediately thought of the old 'Electric Company' song: "pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-PUNC, tuation...")

Allison said...


Would have been worse had it been in capital letters. There is no forgiving that.

jama said...

No, it takes me here . . .

Anonymous said...

It does indeed unease me. It's up there with a version of "Take me out to the ball game" that starts on a different beat, thereby ending the song on "ti" instead of "do". (Couldn't find it online easily, though, so you'll have to take my word for it.)

John Mutford said...

Writer2b: I don't know that one, but you've planted other Schoolhouse Rocks songs in my head, "Conjuction Junction, What's your function?"

Allison: WHY NOT???

Jama: Some might find the ellipsis to be another scary unknown.

Kelly: as well.) I do know that one! My kids have a version of Sharon, Lois and Bram doing it. I find it next to impossible to sing along. (Which is probably just

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes, definitely,

I spent so much time trying to sing the Take Me Out to the Ballgame song offbeat that I almost forgot to answer your query.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, it does.

Dale said...

O John!