Thursday, June 05, 2008


Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

Without having read the other responses yet, I'd be quite amazed to find someone say no to this question.

Just as I've changed a lot over the years, so has my taste in books. In high school for instance, I practically devoured Stephen King books. I started with Christine in grade seven and was amazed that I was even allowed to read such a novel. Thus begun a long and tumultuous love affair. Now I still read King on occasion, but it feels more out of obligation. I've gone from thinking the man was a genius, an idiot, and now just a decent writer who sometimes gets it right and sometimes bombs.

From King I decided to check out other horror writers; modern ones like Anne Rice, Clive Barker, and John Saul, to classics like Lovecraft, Poe, Shelley, and Stoker. From there I moved to non-horror classics and then I quickly became open to pretty much any genre from any time, (especially poetry). Now my favourites are people like Mordecai Richler, Jose Saramago, and e.e. cummings.

It's interesting (at least to me) that this parallels with my taste in music. In high school, my love for Metallica led to an interest in all things metal, which led to a taste for classic rock, which grew into an interest for any sort of music I can get my hands on: hip hop, blues, country, etc.

Stephen King to Pablo Neruda? Metallica to Nina Simone? Yes, I've changed.


Anonymous said...

I was a rock music fanatic. Now I have mellowed to Jazz!


Booking through trends

Chrisbookarama said...

I think you're right. We've all changed.

Susan said...

Great post, John! And you are right. I am going to read the new Stephen King - I am really looking forward to it - but there are some authors I read when I was younger that I don't read so much now. Though, I find I have expanded into more of what I like to read - I don't read Sylvia Plath anymore, but I read more poetry because I read her once. Hmm, I think I feel a post coming on.....

Allison said...

I really enjoyed this post. Its interesting to look back and see the progression in how our tastes change over the years.

I'm thankful for a little evolution in some of my tastes, that is for sure.