Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Did you join the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge?

Let the games begin! Good luck.

For the month of July, anyone reading a book of poetry for the challenge will have their name entered into a drawing for a secret prize that will be revealed in the first update on August 1st.

Also, please note that I have added a list of participants to the sidebar, as well as the current standings. Please keep me informed if and when the number beside your name isn't accurate.


Francesca Thomas said...

Did you know you have over 70 participants for the second challenge? WOW!!!!

Chrisbookarama said...

Happy Canada Day!

Francesca Thomas said...

Happy Canada day to everyone as well. Ok John, About Robert Munsch. Are you sure he is allowed? I just posted my thoughts on Robert Munsch.

Robert Munsch

John Mutford said...

Historia: I know! Those monthly updates are looking to be a LOT more work this time around. GULP!

Chris: Thanks! Have you had any Canada Day festivities to attend yet?

Historia: When I first read your comment I wasn't sure if you meant he may not be allowed because he was American-born, or because he is a children's author (both of which are okay). You post made me laugh.

Teena in Toronto said...

Looking forward to a fun year ahead!

Happy Canada Day!

Stephanie said...

Happy Canada Day to you too!

Since I sucked so badly with challenge #1, I'm taking this one far more seriously! In fact, I'm almost finished with my first book! Sheesh, though. I still need to post a list of books that I'm planning on reading.

John Mutford said...

Teena: Enjoy the T.O. today. Any Canada Day plans? I'm about to head out to the annual Philipino picnic at Sylvia Grinell Territorial Park. Did you read about it on the news recently? We'd better not roam too far today. Gulp!

Stephanie: Which book are you starting with?

RR2 said...

Happy Canada Day!

Francesca Thomas said...

Well I hope everyone had a great Canada day. Toronto weather was absolutely GORGEOUS - suny anf in the mid 20s all day. I took my son to Harbourfront Centre Where we spent all day there. We even went on a boat tour of the harbour including Centre Island. Expensive but fun.

Stephanie said...

Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I think I'll probably post my list tonight (some are going to be carry-overs from this year that I didn't finish!)

Unknown said...

Can I ask? Are there any CanLit lovers that still call Canada Day "Dominion Day"? And is it just folks in Upper Canada that use that name? I ask because my mom mentioned that she had to work on Dominion Day and like a dolt I asked her if that was Ontario's nameless August holiday.

I spent Dominion Day posting review# 2 for my second book of the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge:

Speak Ill of the Dead, by Mary Jane Maffini. A murder mystery set in Ottawa.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy Canada Day to you and your adorable family.

Good luck with the move. And I hope to eventually get past that zero beside my name.

Bybee said...

Although I'm not Canadian, I reminded my Korean students that it was Canada Day.

I was going to start the new challenge with Carol Shields, but now that you've pitted Robertson Davies against Doris Lessing, I'll have to start with him so I can vote this week. At least you did it before I began.

John Mutford said...

RR2: I hope you had a great day.

Historia: We had a balmy 3 degrees celsius in Iqaluit. We enjoyed it despite the cold.

Stephanie: Great one to start with. Will the sequel make the cut as well?

Kathleen: I'm sure there are. I think the term Canada Day is pretty recent and there are still those non-metric converts hanging on. What was your first review again?

Barbara: We made it! Still hasn't really hit me yet that we're not just visiting, but I'm sure the realization will kick once I get some much needed rest.

Bybee: Does Korea have an equivalent? Korea Day or anything?

Anonymous said...

I have finished The Time in Between. Will post the review and link it here!

Anonymous said...

Here is my link:

The Time in Between by David Bergen

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Canada Day! I'm reading "Forage" by Rita Wong which won the BC Book Prize for poetry this year!!