Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Word Play: Nonfiction Syllacrostics

This week's edition of Saturday Word Play is inspired by Joy's Non-Fiction Five Challenge which ends at the end of this month. Congrats to all all those that participated, and especially to those that succeeded. Here's hoping she hosts another edition in the months to come.

With this syllacrostics puzzle, I'll give you the name of a popular nonfiction title, the number of syllables in brackets, as well as the number of letters. And as if that wasn't enough help, I'll also give you all the possible syllables at the beginning. It's an easy one this week folks! As always, feel free to do them all at home, but only answer one in the comment section, that way 10 people will have a chance to play. Pay attention to the answers that have already been given, they'll eliminate the useless syllables for you:

1. Salt: A World History (3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. A Short History of Nearly Everything (2) _ _ _ _ _ _
3. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. The Last Spike (2) _ _ _ _ _ _
5. In Cold Blood (3) _ _ _ _ _ _
6. Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (2) _ _ _ _ _ _
7. Jackie Oh! (2) _ _ _ _ _ _
8. Eat Pray Love (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _
9. Dreams From My Father (3) _ _ _ _ _
10. The Wealthy Barber (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And while we're at it, what are your favourite non-fiction books?


Wanda said...

Just purchased "The Secret World of Og" for my daughter so #4 jumped out at me as BERTON.

I read "Life With Billy" by Brian Valle in the early '90's. Tragic and haunting, it is one of those books whose images and story you just can't shake. A book with such staying power surely deserves a spot somewhere near the top as a non-fiction favourite, though I sincerely hope NOT to come across many more like it.

raidergirl3 said...

I love this kind of puzzle from the Dell puzzle books. Very good effort form you today.

5. Capote

I just got the nonfiction challenge done in the nick of time.
Favorite nonfiction books? I'm going to have to think on this.
What are yours?

Anonymous said...

Number 2 is Bryson.

And his books would certainly figure on my top ten of favourite non-fiction especially In a Sunburned Country.

For heartfelt and moving nonfiction I think my favourite is Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man who would Cure the World by Tracy Kidder. Dr. Farmer is an amazing individual.

Jo-Ann said...

#10 is Chilton

Anonymous said...

The Adams Chronicles is my favorite NF book. It is about several generations of the John Adams family that was published in the 1970s. I haven't seen the HBO movie yet on Adams but can't wait to compare the 2. By the way, I just posted another review of a Canadian book:

John Mutford said...

Wanda: Correct. I have "The Secret World of Og" just sitting on my bookshelf. Perhaps my daughter and I could also read that one.

I'm unfamiliar with "Life of Billy." Thanks for the recommendation.

Raidergirl: Correct. My mom, my sister and I were often found crowded around those Dell puzzle books. In fact, on the rare occasion that I get home now, we still are.

My favourite nonfictions, just off the top of my head, include Pierre Berton's Arctic Grail, Naomi Klein's No Logo and James Kostelniuk's Wolves Among Sheep.

Gypsysmom: Correct. I still haven't read any Bryson, but he's been on my horizon for some time now. Thanks for the other suggestions, as well.

Jo-ann: Correct.

Violette: Again, another Non-fiction book that I don't know. Sounds interesting though!