Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reader's Diary #407- Paul Quarrington: King Leary

The puck is dropped and Quarrington makes an easy steal with the infectious voice of title character King Leary. Full of old timey expressions, the spectators wonder if these are Quarrington creations or if he's done his research. He moves in on the net, he takes an early shot, but he's blocked by Richler. Quarrington's shot needs a little more cantankerous wit to get one past Mordecai's stick.

Not to worry, Quarrington's on it again, this time trying his old Canadiana moves. He does the ginger ale, he does the snow, he even throws in a "Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!" The fans are going wild, he shoots...

And what a save.

Quarrington just can't seem to get it in. Richler passes it off to Possibly Too Preachy who slides it down to Dangers of Alcohol who winds up... and Quarrington's in for the steal. He's not wasting time now, he passes it off to Son Conflicts, Son Conflicts passes it to Moral Dilemmas, Moral Dilemmas to Friendship Complications... it's almost blocked by Lame Fart Joke but stopped by Risky Ghost Story. We're seeing some real offense here now but the puck just seems to be avoiding that net.

Only one minute left. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We're seeing a switch up and Redemption takes the ice for Moral Dilemmas, Understanding is in for Son Conflicts, and here comes Forgiveness for Friendship Complications. Forgiveness takes the puck and passes it back to Risky Ghost Story and there's the wrap-up...he shoots, he scores!

1-0! It's all over, ladies and gentlemen. Holy Cow, what a book!

(King Leary took honours at last year's Canada Reads competition and won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour back in one nine eight eight. It is published by Random House and was also reviewed by these fine bloggers: Remi, Steve, Ripley, Pooker and Tara)


Melwyk said...

Best review of any book I have seen in quite a while! If I knew any hockey metaphors I'd slip one in here...

Anonymous said...

That was really well done. :)

Teddy Rose said...

It is so awesome that your challenge is getting noticed. It's about time. After all, you are promoting Canada! Note, that that person who "used your idea" on Chapters, didn't steal you thunder.

I wish you knew when the CBC Radio peice was airing, I would love to listen to it.

John Mutford said...

Melanie: Thanks. Though me knowing hockey metaphors is a stretch, too.

Ripley: I don't think I'll be called up to do the play-by-plays for Hockey Night in Canada just yet, but thank-you.

Teddy: I asked for an mp3, and she said I could have one but it would have to be for my own use. She also said she'd let me know when it will air, so I could give my parents the heads up, and she hasn't contacted me since, so I assume it hasn't happened yet. But, it airs in central Newfoundland so I'm not sure how you'd listen in. Here's the website and they do seem to have a live link so who knows, if you can match up the time zones, maybe you could catch it. Leigh Anne is the one that did my interview. She seemed very nice and afterwards we talked a lot about hockey books, which was interesting considering my lack of hockey knowledge (she's a huge fan).