Sunday, December 07, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards?

I only recently discovered this site and was surprised to see that "Best LitBlog" wasn't a category. So I wrote, "I just looked at the list of categories being voted on, and there are no choices for “Best LitBlog”? What gives? It’s a pretty big blogging scene. At least as popular as some of the others."

To which I got this response:

"We’ve never had someone suggest a category strictly for literature devoted blogs before. If you know of a dozen or more Canadian based literature blogs, I’d be happy to see a list."

So if you're a Canadian LitBlogger, or want to provide your list, head here.


Dale said...

I'm surprised that they hadn't thought of it or perhaps heard of one.

towniebastard said...

I'm guessing they would have included it under the cultural/entertainment blog category.

John Mutford said...

Dale: I get the impression they didn't think there were that many out there.

Towniebastard: Well, apparently that's where LitBlogs were intended to go, but there's but one site in the longlist (Round 1) that is devoted to books. Perhaps it's more of an issue with a lack of nominees, since in reality it's a large enough niche to have its own category. They need to advertise or make themselves better known. If these awards are going to mean anything, people need to know about them! Then, arguably, the people who haven't heard of Litblogs can probably use my own arguments against me.

Chrisbookarama said...

I hadn't heard of this site either but thanks for adding me to the list.

Anonymous said...

It's been brought to their attention before, most definitely. By way of intro, mine is one of the only, if not the only, litblogs in the running this year. C'mon over and get acquainted!

Jena said...

you can add me to the list, if you're creating it.

Remi said...

Did you send him a list?

Unknown said...

John, thanks for providing the list to them. Maybe it will draw more enthusiasts to CanLit and we'll se more of the books we all blog about pop up at book clubs and the like.

Is there an award for Champion of CanLit? My vote would swing your way.

Kathleen Molloy