Monday, December 08, 2008

Reader's Diary #421- L. Frank Baum: A Kidnapped Santa Claus

Short Story Monday

"...there are terrible pitfalls leading to death and destruction..."

Ah, Christmas. It's that time of year again when we get to paint our morals like candy canes and hand them out to unsuspecting kids. Santa Claus is watching, you'd better be good! Don't make fun of granny's red nose, she might be leading a certain somebody's sleigh tonight (if she ever sobers up). Yes, well-behaved and tolerant kids is what Christmas is all about.

But just in case they need a lesson on selfishness, envy, hatred, malice and repentance, L. Frank Baum's daemons are here to lend a hand.

It's not actually as bad as it sounds. It reminded me somewhat of Maeterlinck's play "The Blue Bird" only less convoluted. Plus, it does have a happy ending so the kids will still get to sleep in the end. And maybe, just maybe, they'll have a better appreciation for the downward slope of human drive and the accessibility of redemption. For Christmas.


Anonymous said...

It actually sounds kind of horrifyingly fascinating. Now I have to read it. Happy? lol.

John Mutford said...

Carrie: "Horrifyingly fascinating" is a pretty apt description.