Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday Word Play- A Fallen Christmas Carol

The "fallen" passages below are all taken word for word from the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. For those of you unfamiliar with Fallen Phrases, the letters below each picture have fallen from one of the boxes directly (vertically) above it. In the first picture for instance, the 1st letter must be "M" since it is the only letter directly below. The 2nd, however, could be a "T" an "A" or a "D" (though clearly only "A" makes sense). It's up to you to figure out where each letter fits to complete each phrase.

As always, feel free to do all ten at home, but only answer one in the comment section, that way at least 10 people will have a chance to play along.












Jo-Ann said...

#2 - 'Christmas a humbug, uncle!' said Scrooge's nephew. 'You don't mean that, I am sure?'

Jodie Robson said...

Appropriately, #1 is the opening of chapter one: "Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You people are fast! It's going to take me all day to figure one of these out!

John Mutford said...

Jo-Ann: I had to get a "Humbug" line in there somewhere!

GeraniumCat: In fact, these are all in chronological order.

Barbara: Good thing it's a Saturday.

Wanda said...

Fallen Phrases are hard! Hadn't seen them before so I pulled my son in on this one and together (after blowing it up and printing it out last night) we think we've got #3 ...

'Mr Marley has been dead these seven years,' Scrooge replied. 'He died seven years ago, this very night.'

John Mutford said...

Wanda: You're a patient woman. Good job, to you and your son.