Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Word Play- Grinch Scattergory

Using the letters of "GRINCH," can you come up with 6 words for each of these categories? For instance, if the category was food, you could say "Goulash, Rice, Ice cream, Nougat, Chilli, and Horseradish."

As always, feel free to do all 10 at home, but only answer one in the comment section, that way at least ten people will have a chance to play along.

1. Books
2. Authors
3. Actors
4. Car makes
5. Songs
6. Fictional Characters
7. Christmas Related
8. Politicians
9. Countries
10. Seuss words


Anonymous said...

I decided to do countries and just to make it a little more difficult I wanted only one country from a continent.
Germany (Europe)
Rwanda (Africa)
Indonesia (Asia)
New Zealand (Oceana)
Canada (North America)
Haiti (South America)

Anonymous said...

Good to a Fault
Republic of Nothing
In Tongues of the Dead
No Time for Goodbye
House of Wooden Santas

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pick me! I'll do songs!

Gagging Order
Nice Dream
Hunting Bears

I certainly hope I get bonus points for making them all Radiohead songs.

John Mutford said...

Gypsysmom: Good job. I love that you made it more challenging.

Wanda: Picking from your own list, I see!

Barbara: When I was coming up with this game, I anticipated you'd be the one doing songs. I never had pegged you for a Radiohead fan though.

raidergirl3 said...

Gerald McBoingBoing
Red Fish Blue Fish
In a People House
Noothbrush on his toothbrush(There's a Wocket in my pocket)
Cat in the Hat
Horton Hears a Who

Jo-Ann said...

Authors (children's)
Gay, Marie Louise
Rey, H.A.
Irving, Washington
Numeroff, Laura Joffe
Carle, Eric
Hughes, Monica