Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

Each Tuesday over at Raidergirl's blog, she hosts a weekly feature that asks, "It's Tuesday... Where are you?"

Respondents answer with the setting of the book they're currently reading. It's a fun premise. Setting usually gets mentioned in reviews, but most often as a passing thought. Yet I'm sure setting is one of the main attractions to a book, providing us with virtual travel both through space and time.

It's an important point for me to remember this week. Last week we had frozen water pipes and major damage. This week we get the repair bill. In all likelihood, it'll mean our planned trip to England in March will be nixed. Disappointing? You bet. So I'll be relying heavily on the book getaways.

This week I'm off to warm and sunny... Afghanistan?!

Yes, I'm reading Christie Blatchford's Fifteen Days. Where are you?


Bybee said...

I'm in Middlemarch at a dinner party.

Chrisbookarama said...

Oh no! That's too bad.

I'm in old New York with old money where manners and tradition are everything. Will Newland and Ellen turn their backs on society and get together? Magic 8 Ball says: unlikely. (The Age of Innocence)

Beth F said...

I'm in Virginia in the 1860s

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm in the middle of an Ocean, with a boy and a tiger called Richard Parker... I guess that what I am reading is obvious :) (and I'm reading for your challenge)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK following around Richard Branson

Allison said...

Oh no, that's horrible about the repair bill costing you a holiday!

Currently not reading for pleasure, reading for research, but I'm in London, England.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of a warehouse rave in London circa 1991 doing ethnographic research on youth subculture.

- Myshkin.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Sto Lat on the Discworld saving a princess from a death she sort of already suffered!

Kate said...

I'm in modern-day Montreal (where I used to live) - Cockroach by Rawi Hage.

raidergirl3 said...

Oh, that sucks! We had a big discussion at work one day about spending money - good money or bad money.
To wit:
good money - new flooring, new sofa

bad money - chimney liners, attic insulation

Spending money on a water leak, especially instead of a English vacation? bad money, for sure.

Enjoy Afghanistan

Remi said...

I only wish I was in Middlemarch.

I'm actually in Dallas, watching the 90's Cowboys dynasty implode in a atomic blast of hubris, envy and debauchery.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm reading the third installment of a great fantasy series by Kristen Britain.

I really enjoyed Fifteen Days. It made me cry, though...

John Mutford said...

Bybee: Middlemarch must be added to my new list of embarrassingly overlooked titles.

Chris: Sounds like The Great Gatsby.

Beth: I can't place that book.

Francesca: 3.1415...

Bushman: Could be an interesting ride for sure.

Allison: And you had to mention England :(

Myshkin: Sounds intriguing...

Ferry Tales: I've only read one Discworld book and I wanted to like it so much more than I did.

Kate: Hage is one of the authors I can't wait to get around to reading.

Raidergirl: Bad money for sure.

Remi: A football book?

Wandering Coyote: I've come close, but no tears so far.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, I am really sorry to hear about your pipes and your nixed travel! Do you want to meet us in Vancouver during spring break instead?

I'm in the As It Happens studio with Mary Lou Finlay. They are such as sassy bunch there!

Anonymous said...

"Francesca: 3.1415..."
In fact I just got two more Canadian books in the mail today, so I'll be catching up!

Dreamybee said...

I am currently bouncing back and forth between present-day Rome and Rome c.390 A.D.