Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Nothing In Common With Newfoundland Authors

I wouldn't say I'm homesick, but I have been thinking about Newfoundland authors this past week. Therefore, I bring you this latest Saturday Word Play. On the left you'll find a Newfoundland author and on the right you'll find a book written by him/her. However, I've removed all the letters the author has in common with their title. For instance, if it was:

Percy Janes- House of Hate

the clue would look like this:

Prcy Jns- Hous of Ht

since the author shared the letters "e" and "a" with the title. Which of these can you identify?

As always, feel free to do all 10 at home, but only answer one in the comment section. That way, 10 people will have the chance to play along.

1. Jn Crk- titudes f Met
2. W J- Cl f Urquid Drm
3. Donn Morrey- Kt’ Lw
4. Bic - d Pss
5. Kth J. Harvy- Isid
6. s Me- gt
7. Mcal nr- Bg y
8. Kvi Mjr- Th Hus f Wd Sts
9. arld rd- ite Eskim
10. Mal ummy- v Tvs


Sandra said...

#1. Joan Clark-Latitudes of Melt

John Mutford said...

Sandra: That's right, and thanks for getting it started.

Anonymous said...

#5. Kenneth J. Harvey--Inside

And I got an award for you! Just click on my name.

Anonymous said...

#3. Donna Morrissey - Kit's Law

Anonymous said...

#10. Michael Crummey ~ River Thieves

I really liked this one too, though not quite as much as "The Wreckage".

Unknown said...

This is off topic. I heard that you are hosting a weekly short story chat. I would like to join.
Also, I found about 40 Candadian 40 Canadian books on Munsey's and I will get to one of them for your Canadian Challenge as soon as I am done reading some library books that are due in a few days. Judy/Intergalactic Bookworm.

Anonymous said...

#8 The House of Wooden Santas

I haven't read this but everybody else had already gotten the ones I have read. Newfoundland does seem to inspire lots of great writing. Is it the isolation?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is much harder than it looks, particularly as everyone already has the only ones I could conceivably have guessed.

My brain hurts.

Great idea, though.

raidergirl3 said...

2. Wayne Johnston - Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Anonymous said...

#7 Michael Winter - The Big Why

John Mutford said...

Wow, you guys are good!

ripley said...

#9. Harold Horwood - White Eskimo

Robert said...

#4. Bernice Morgan -- Random Passage