Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Thematic Word Search

This week's Saturday Word Play doesn't have a theme. It has ten themes.

Hidden in this puzzle are 50 words (actually words, names, and a few short phrases). However, ten themes are represented by five words a piece. Find five related words and tell me the theme that connects them. For instance, if you found Scout, Boo, Atticus, Jem, and Dill, the theme would be "Characters from To Kill A Mockingbird." (If you're so inclined, it might be easier to print it off first.)

As always, feel free to do ten and home, but only answer one in the comment section. That way ten people will have the chance to play along.


claire said...

Religious books:

Bhagavad Gita
Pali Canon


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oooh I am getting close to finishing one, but think I need to print this off before my eyeballs fall out, launching all kinds of legal action.

Wanda said...

dish, spoon, cow, dog, cat

Hey Diddle, Diddle nursery rhyme?

John Mutford said...

Claire: Nice! I'd thought that Pali Canon might present some difficulty, but I stand corrected.

Barbara: And since those are brand new eyes, I don't want to damage them!

Wanada: Correct. The theme might be easier, but those are some pretty short words.

Teddy Rose said...

Hi John,

I gave you an award on my blog.