Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Us and Them Initials

For every discussion of a Canadian identity, you can be sure someone will mention the Americans and someone else will criticize that person for defining themselves with a comparison. The whole "I'm not.../ Well, what are you then?" argument is a part of our heritage.

With that in mind, let's compare ourselves to the Americans, shall we? Or, for the Americans who might be reading this, compare yourself to the Canadians, shall you? Or for those of you from some other part of the world, why not help us out here?

Below are 10 sets of initials. For each one, tell me a Canadian author and an American author that shares those initials (dead or alive). There are lots of acceptable answers I'm sure, but I made sure I could come up with them on my own, so I don't think I've picked anyone that obscure. After, if you're familiar with their books, let me know which of the two authors you prefer.

For instance, if I gave the initials C.B. an acceptable answer would be "Chester Brown (Canadian) and Charles Bukowski (American)."

Feel free to answer all 10 at home, but please only answer one in the comments section. That way, ten people will have a chance to play along. As well, if you know of other possible answers for some of the ones already done, feel free to share.

1. D.B.
2. E.H.
3. M.T.
4. W.F.
5. J.U.
6. G.V.
7. L.M.
8. M.C.
9. H.M.
10. M.A.


Beth F said...

Phew! Early enough to get an easy one.


Margaret Atwood
Maya Angelou

Wanda said...

#5 J.U. could be:

Jane Urquhart
John Updike

'Stonecarvers' wins hands down over 'Witches of Eastwick' and "Stone Cold Baby" by Urquhart is one of my all time favourite poems but I'd have to read more Updike before I could give an honest opinion.

Sandra said...

#9. HM:

Hugh MacLennan
Henry Miller

Barbara Bruederlin said...

#4 - WF

Will Ferguson
William Faulkner

And as I am feeling humoury today, I'll through my vote behind Ferguson. YAY, two compares in one week!

raidergirl3 said...

this was a much harder quiz for me today.

#7 LM
Lucy Maud Montgomery and Larry McMurtry

too easy: LM Montgomery. The fact that I haven't even read McMurtry doesn't affect my decision

Anonymous said...

#8 Morley Callaghan (Canadian) and Michael Connelly (American)

I haven't read much by Callaghan and as much as I a Canadian chauvanist I have to choose Michael Connelly. His mysteries are thoughtful and don't choose an easy end always.

John Mutford said...

Beth: Those are the two I had as well. Any preference between the two?

Wanda: Those are the two I had as well (not surprising since there doesn't seem to be many "U" names.) I haven't read either of them though.

Sandra: I had High MacLennan as the Canadian, but Herman Melville for the American. Of course, yours works, too.

Barbara: Those are my choices too. And maybe I'll do all compares, all the time.

Raidergirl: Especially when lots are already taken. You did good though. I actually thought of Lisa Moore instead of Lucy Maud, but again, either works.

Gypsysmom: Both were different than my choices (Matt Cohen and Michael Crichton). Of these four people, I've only read Cohen, so I couldn't really pick a favourite.

Beth F said...

Ooops!! You guys win: Margaret Atwood.

Anonymous said...

#1. DB

How about:
David Bergen
Dan Brown

I was reading one of David Bergen's books earlier this morning.

John Mutford said...

April: Those were my two as well. I have The Retreat but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Anonymous said...

#2 - E.H.

Elizabeth Hay
Ernest Hemingway

I've read them both and it's hard for me to say which I prefer. I suppose it depends on my mood but I've got unread books by both on my shelf at the moment and I'll bet I pick up Elizabeth Hay first.