Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Dummies and Idiots RSTLNE

Beginning in 1988, players in the final round of Wheel of Fortune were automatically shown the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. Were the producers treating them like dummies? Like complete idiots? Not really. They were just keeping things interesting since those were the most likely letters to be picked. Still, it helps me segue into this week's word play. Below are titles in either the Complete Idiot's Guide series or the ...For Dummies series. If the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were given, the puzzles would be solved. Try to fill them in yourself, then take a guess as to which series (Idiots or Dummies) it's from. For instance, if I gave you:

KAMA SU--A ("The classic how-to on sensuality")

You'd fill in the T and the R to get "KAMA SUTRA". If you also went on to guess "The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Kama Sutra" you'd be right on that account, too. For now, it would appear the dummies are not all that interested in Sanskrit dirty books.

I'm not coming out of left field with this week's Word Play. It was inspired by the news this week that Green Party leader Elizabeth May has co-penned a Dummies book with Zoe Caron. It's Global Warming For Dummies. Global warming doesn't seem to be getting the press it did a year ago, but "it's the economy, stupid" sure does. Don't worry. I'm not getting political on you, May's book simply sparked this week's theme.

Feel free to do all ten at home, but only answer one in the comment section. That way ten people will get to play along.

1. G---I-G A -A--OO ("this book walks the reader through every step of the process: making the big decision, handling the physical event, and finally, taking proper care of your own personal work of art.")

2. -XI-----IA-I-M ("a handy guide to Nietzsche, Sartre, and Kierkegaard’s favorite philosophy")
3. FAMI-Y --U-IO- P-A--I-G KI_ ("You'll find out all about tracking down lost [...] members, deciding what type of event to have, coordinating entertainment,food, lodging, and more!")

4.-H- O-D W--- ("when it comes to saddling up and learning the entire history of [...], you feel like one tired cowpoke.")

5. B---I-G O- HO--- -ACI-G ("The last two years have seen a record number of Americans tune in for climatic Triple Crown races featuring Smarty Jones and Funny Cide")

6. -H- WO--D OF HA--Y PO---- ("explores all aspects of the wizarding world and explains factually in terms of their relationship to historical, literary, religious, scientific, or mythological roots.")

7. DIFFICU-- CO-V---A-IO-- ("approach [...] with confidence, avoid blaming, overcome defensiveness, and make better decisions")

8. BUZZ MA-K--I-G WI-H B-OG- ("In this instant-communication world, buzz means business!)

9. B-COMI-G A P---O-A- --AI--- ("Want to turn your passion for fitness into a lucrative career?)

10. WA-HI-G-O-, D.- ("Whether you want to pay homage to history, marvel at the seat of power, take in world-class museums and art galleries, or see the cherry trees in bloom...")


Sandra said...

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo" ROFL

Author Amok said...

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Existentialism" -- because the idea of "Existentialism for Dummies" hurts my brain.

Wanda said...

#3 Family Reunion Planning Kit for Dummies

John Mutford said...

Sandra: Yes, you are right for the title and the series. No word on Tattoo Removal for Dummies, yet though. I'm guessing that'll be published 20 years down the road.

Author Amok: "Existentialism" is correct, but that one is indeed a Dummies book. Check it out here.

Wanda: That's right for both title and series! Though I've never met anyone with the surname "Dummy" it must be a rather large family to warrant a book.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

#6 - The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World of Harry Potter

Didn't JK Rowling actually just write this? Although I think she called it something slightly different.