Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Great Wednesday Compar3 #3- José Saramago VERSUS M.G. Vassanji

The winner of last week's Great Wednesday Compare (Gabriel García Márquez Vs. José Saramago) with a final score of 4-2 was José Saramago.

Since I first threw Márquez into the Great Wednesday Compare a few weeks ago, I've finally been able to read something of his. Not One Hundred Years of Solitude, not Love in the Time of Cholera, actually nothing that was ever popular: I read his short story "Eva is Inside Her Cat." With a title like that you'd be correct in assuming it's magical realism. While I've read other books and stories that might fit that classification, this was the first time I'd paid attention to it. I'm perpexed as to whether or not I enjoy the genre, let alone the story of Eva. For all I know "Eva is Inside Her Cat" might be a great example of magical realism or it might be a terrible representation. In any case, I've had a few people suggest Marquez's non-magical realism writing. But, since One Hundred Years of Solitude is currently sitting on my bookshelf, I'll probably just read that. But not for a while.

This week we head back to Canada.

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Who's better?


Remi said...

Vassanji because I can't wait for his Richler biography (one more month).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Since I have never read any of Vassanji's books, I am going with Saramago on this one.

Anonymous said...

Saramago again.

claire said...

Love Saramago! (Haven't read Vassanji yet.. but mean to.) John, I hope you enjoy One Hundred Years. :)

Lizzy Siddal said...

Vassanji as I'm likely to read his Giller winning novels before I ever get round to Saramango.

Melwyk said...

Saramago again! I love his work.