Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reader's Diary #454- The Good News Bible: Chronicles 2

While Chronicles 2 doesn't have all the "begats" that bogged down the 1st Chronicles, it also doesn't have as many major miracles as some of the earlier books of the Bible. But just because it isn't as flashy, doesn't mean there aren't interesting parts.

A couple things that caught my eye:

1. All the numbers- Granted numbers are definitely not unique to this book, but it was only now that I noticed how similar the writing is to all those word problems thrown at school kids in their math classes:
They made ten gold lampstands according to the usual pattern, and ten tables, and placed them in the main room of the Temple, five lampstands and five tables on each side. They also made a hundred bowls.
Such specifics seem only necessary when there's a follow-up question: How many items did they make in all? If the bowls also had to be divided equally, how many would be placed on each table? How many were going to St. Ives?

2. The other gods and goddesses- This time around Baal and Asherah seemed to be the bane of the Jews. Time and time again, they'd have one king or another forsaking God for one of these deities. I'm not sure why I find these intriguing. Then again, all the Greek, Roman and Norse gods are also pretty interesting characters, so I guess these shouldn't be much different. It's just a curiosity on my part. I'm surprised, seeing as there never seems to be a shortage of people trying to find the newest fad faith or cult, that someone or group hasn't tried to revisit some of those.

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Remi said...

The bible is big on minutia. I dug out my King James version this evening and was going through Genesis. I want the sort of health care they had back then. All those people living 900 or so years. . .

claire said...

I really enjoy reading The Chronicles. Love reading about the kings and the mind exercise over the timeline: which kings of Israel overlap with which kings of Judah.

John Mutford said...

Remi: All those people who were publicly stoned (not stoned in public) probably appreciated that health care even more.

Claire: I know not every version separates Chronicles into 2, but I prefer it this way. In fact, I enjoyed the 2nd much more than the first.