Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reader's Diary #457- Grace Slick (with Andrea Cagan): Somebody To Love

I find it hard enough to pull myself away from a bargain bin, but when I'm confronted by a free pile, there's no telling what junk I'll be hauling home. There's always something salvageable underneath The NWT Forestry Policy 1966-1967 and The Atkins Diet Cookbook.

Voila une Grace Slick autobiography.

I was never big on Jefferson Airplane. I had one of their greatest hits cds once upon a time, and I salvaged four or five songs from it as mp3s, but they're not a band I ever went gaga for. Still, most of us have heard about Slick's excesses and she seemed to be the stereotypical 60s rocker, so I thought it might be interesting to indulge a little.

What was I thinking? Why would a stereotype be interesting? With all due respect for Slick, all her talk of individuality is a bit of a joke. Except for getting some names wrong, and maybe throwing in a traumatic childhood event (Slick's was trauma free), I could have written her biography with almost no research. Basically she fit into what ever decade she was living in and did whatever it is aging rockstars do. She takes a lot of drugs and performs at Woodstock in the 60s. She takes a lot of drugs and buys a lot of things in the 70s. She goes to rehab and sells out in the 80s. She takes on animal rights causes in the 90s. Haven't we seen this a thousand times already?

Add to that a LOT OF UNNECESSARY CAPS, the F word in ample doses, and lame jokes, and it all made for a rather annoying read. Damned freebie.


Dale said...

The book should have come with at least one pill.

Wanda said...

Perhaps you should have gone for the cookbook...

John Mutford said...

Dale: Now that's marketing.

Wanda: Wait a sec. It was a diet cookbook. Are you hinting at something?

Framed said...

So far, the comments have been more entertaining than it sounds like the book was. I guess there's a reason why someone was giving it away.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would have liked to see Grace Slick write that Forestry Policy book. That could have been a hoot.