Monday, February 23, 2009

Reader's Diary #458- Jessica Grant: Humanesque

I'm waiting patiently for the arrival of Jessica Grant's novel Come, Thou Tortoise in the mail. Well, not too patiently. I had to go online and see what I could find to tide me over. I found "Humanesque," a short story published at Brindle & Glass.

The beauty of "Humanesque" comes from its enigmatic narrator. At first I think she's perfectly normal, then I start to believe she's crazy, and finally I'm not sure. She's undeniably eccentric.

She also saves the story from its lack of plot. She goes from one seemingly unrelated story to the next but then manages to go back and relate them. And that's part of the appeal. However, it's like she begins by laying down random numbers, but then you notice she's added dots. Ah, it's going to be a Connect-The-Dots. That's cool. You take out your pencil and start connecting things up but in the end the picture comes out like this:

I don't know. Maybe a few more reads and I'll get it, or maybe I was never supposed to. At least there's some fun in trying.

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Teddy Rose said...

I just posted my review of Jon. Boy, that story blew me away.

It's late here so I'm going to turn in. I look forward to reading about your short story, John. You sure pointed me in the right direction with Jon!

Ali said...

After a little hiatus, my SSM is up this week. Good to be back.

Love your review, complete with connect-the-dot illustration. I've read things like that. So frustrating!

Stacy said...

Humanesque sounds very intriguing. I am also 'patiently' waiting for a book that will be published in July. I am just going to put it out of my head...July is just too far off.

Anonymous said...

I didn't "get it" either when I read this story just now. Oh well.

Teddy Rose said...

I think I'll pass on Humanesque. It sounds to disconnected for me. Thanks for the review.

John Mutford said...

Ooops, looks like the link to the short story is dead. Don't fret! You can still read the whole thing for free online using Google Books.