Friday, March 20, 2009

Poetry Friday- William Carlos Williams: Danse Russe

I love this poem.

Danse Russe
by William Carlos Williams

If I when my wife is sleeping
and the baby and Kathleen
are sleeping
and the sun is a flame-white disc
in silken mists
above shining trees,--
if I in my north room
dance naked, grotesquely
before my mirror
waving my shirt round my head
and singing softly to myself:
"I am lonely, lonely.
I was born to be lonely,
I am best so!"
If I admire my arms, my face,
my shoulders, flanks, buttocks
again the yellow drawn shades,--

Who shall say I am not
the happy genius of my household?


Sandra said...

I have always love W.C.W. since I discovered him in a poetry anthology when I was a child. As he was also a physician, I don't suppose he'd actually do something like it, but it's delightful to imagine it. A lovely choice of his poetry.

Wanda said...

Brought a smile, thanks for scheduling this one. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a fantastic image! And what a joyful poem.

I hope you are too busy to read your comments, but if you do happen to catch a moment, you had better be having a wonderful trip!

Sherrie said...

Hi John,
That's a beautiful poem! Have never read this author before. I have finished 3 more books for the 2nd Canadian Reading Challenge. They are:
Detective - Arthur Hailey
Someone Else's Ghost - Margaret Buffie
Airborn - Kenneth Oppel
Have a great evening!


John Mutford said...

Sandra: I've read little by him, but have enjoyed and/or found thought provoking those that I have. I really need to pick up a collection.

Wanda: Certainly smile inducing, eh?

Barbara: I didn't get to check them once, but I had a ball so it's okay.

Sherrie: You've probably come across some of his poems before but just not paid attention to the name of the poet. Maybe "This is Just To Say" or "The Red Wheelbarrow" ring a bell?