Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Word Play- On Dover Beach Clothesline Words

In this week's Saturday Word Play, I've come up with something I'd like to call clothesline words. It's an easy concept, but one I'm not sure if I know how to explain adequately, but here goes:

I'll give you a lists of words (this time they'll all come from Matthew Arnold's poem, "Dover Beach"). One of the words in each list will act as the clothesline word. You're job is to tell me what that clothesline word is. What is a clothesline word, you ask? It's the one word that all the others in the list can be pinned on, by means of a letter in common. In other words, one word will have at least one letter in common with all the others.

For instance, if I gave you the words Icy, Ape, Cat, and Act you could work it out as follows on a piece of paper:

and tell me that the clothesline word is Cat.

As always, feel free to answer all ten at home, but only answer one in the comments section:

1. French, turbid, flight, cliffs, gleams, furled, misery
2. round, sweet, stand, naked, night, world
3. this, true, full, help, hear
4. his, and, the, sea
5. long, calm, moon, back, also
6. human, sound, coast, plain, heard, seems
7. listen, breath, really, dreams, girdle, armies, alarms
8. brought, pebbles, thought, eternal, England, hearing, another, sadness
9. note, from, lies, come, once
10. bay, you, are, ebb


Kristi said...

Hello - The clothesline word for the first set is Cliffs. Did you work all these out yourself??


claire said...

My favourite poem.
#7 seems to have 3 clothesline words: dreams, armies, alarms. Is that right?

Wanda said...

#4 is sea
These are a fun!

Hope you're having a wonderful time on vacation!

raidergirl3 said...

#5 is calm

Kate said...

#3 is true

John Mutford said...

Kristi: They're actually easier to create than workout.

Claire: I guess so! I had worked it out with "dreams," but the others work, too.

Wanda: Thanks, and I did!

Raidergirl and Kate: Both correct.