Sunday, March 15, 2009

While I'm Away

Remember Mike Myers' Linda Richman character of Saturday Night Live's Coffee Talk? Like her, I'm going to throw out a few topics for discussion over the next week and a half. I'm going to be away but please "Talk amongst yourselves..." When I get back from England, I hope to see some great conversations.

The first one is "lists." I had someone say to me recently that he found the idea of listing arbitrary and I know some people find lists pointless. Me? I'm a list maker. I'm not list-obsessed like John Cusack's character in High Fidelity or anything, but I enjoy a good top 10 list from time to time. What about you? Do you like find yourself cataloguing your least favourite vegetables or your top five reasons you think turtles are better than guinea pigs? Or do you find the whole excercise boring or irrelevant? If you are a list-maker, please feel free to leave any book or reading related list below. Here's one of mine:

Top five places I like to read:
1. couch- surprisingly I still use this even after I gave up T.V.
2. bathtub- it takes special skill and timing not to get the pages wet, but I've gotten it down to a science
3. bed- this was number one until recently, but lately I just haven't found it comfortable or too comfortable and I fall asleep after too few pages
4. toilet- yes, BookCrossers beware: my books have been flagged.
5. office- I brought a book to work recently to read during my lunch break. I really should be more social than this, but I've discovered a way to get through more reading in in a day and so, my co-workers will have to do without my stimulating conversations about the top five places I like to read.


Beth F said...

I'm a list maker but not in the same way you are. I make to-do lists (work tasks, what to pack for a trip, grocery store). I'm horrible at any lists that require best of or worst of; my mind immediately goes blank, and I can't think of anything.

claire said...

I love making lists, too. And my favourite places to read are the couch, first, and then the bed. I love it on the couch when it's silent (ie. tv turned off) and sunshine is streaming from the windows. I don't read in the bathroom at all, afraid to wet them and contract them with germs, lol. Other favourite places to read are in the car and doctors' clinics.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I live to list!

My top five favourite places to read are:
1. bed - even though I too often fall asleep after the first paragraph, yet without reading, I can't fall asleep.
2. front porch
3. back porch
4. the ugly green chair in the living room by the big window
5. chesterfield, but I can't recline it, or I fall asleep after one paragraph. I am obviously not meant to read lying down.

Have a wonderful trip!

Stacy said...

I always enjoyed making to do lists for the pure joy of seeing everything get crossed off when done. Now I make lists because I forget too many things. My favorite places to read are: 1. my reading chair with ottoman under a quilt; 2. in bed right before passing out; 3. I love to read any place I am on vacation; 4. kitchen while cooking; 5. I feel like George Costanza when admitting this but, yes, in the bathroom (it sounds so gross when you say it but really it is most practical).

Darcie said...

I am a list maker!! Especially to do lists, but I love keeping track of the books that I have read too!

I also read in the car...with a book on tape! If you haven't tried this you should!

Wanda said...

Lists? I've made a few but it's not something I make a habit of unless we're talking groceries or Christmas shopping.

I did make a list of favourite names when I was pregnant with each of my three children but ended up using none I had listed. The kids though, get a kick out of learning what their name could have been (especially those chosen for the opposite sex).

When my list of books I want to read grew longer than my arm, I started keeping track of them with on-line lists at the library and Chapters. Speaking of which, my favourite places to read are:
1. Snuggled up with my daughter, on her bed--sometimes to each other, sometimes to ourselves side-by-side.
2. Under the apple or silver maple trees in my front yard (spring - fall).
3. In the rocker by the woodstove (winter).
4. At the end of my driveway while waiting for my youngest to arrive home from school.
5. My local library. I love the company of all those books! No book has ever pestered me with a litany of questions about where to find things, what to do or what's for supper.