Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Nothing In Common With Manitoban Authors

I did a version of this game with Newfoundland and Labradorian authors a while back (there are still 3 left if you want to go try.) Basically, all I've done is take away all the letters that an author has in common with his/her title. For instance, if I gave you

Cr Rdp- Shlf Mn

You may be able to identify Corey Redekop- Shelf Monkey.

I should note that the authors I've chosen may not always be associated with Manitoba but at some point all of them have called Manitoba home.

As always, feel free to answer all ten at home, but only answer in the comment section. That way, nine people will have a chance to play along.

1. Mrr urc- h So
2. r w- Cplcd Kndn
3. dl Wmn- Th crfc
4. i i- e te' e ekft
5. ndw Dvidsn- Th Ggyl
6. Cl l- T tn
7. Davd rg- Th Tm tw
8. Gabr Roy- Th Tn Fut
9. Pul eet- S nks
10. m gway- K f e Fur Quee


claire said...

#8 Gabrielle Roy, The Tin Flute

Corey said...

#10 - Tomson Highway - Kiss of the Fur Queen

And I know the others, but I'll abide by your rules and let others play.

Barefootheart said...

# 5: Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle

Chrisbookarama said...

#6 Carol Shields The Stone Diaries

Kate said...

#2 Miriam Toewes - A Complicated Kindness (a brilliant book!)

Wanda said...

Well, for #1 I want to say:
Margaret Laurence ~ The Stone Angel
but the g's are still there so...?

John Mutford said...

Well done everyone! What "g"s Wanda, I don't see any "g"s. ;)
I'd suck as an editor. You have no idea how many times I checked these over for letter I missed.

gypsysmom said...

#7 is David Bergen The Time In Between

You people get up too early (or at least check your email early)!

Pooker said...

#3 Adele Wiseman - The Sacrifice

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh sure, the easy ones are already taken! What time do you people get up on the weekend?

I'll have to work on this a bit more.

Wanda said...


John: The "g's" were a big help, not sure that I would have got it otherwise...

Barbara: I didn't get up 'til 8:30 (which is sleeping in for me; week-day alarm goes off at 5:30) and didn't hit the computer 'til 10AM. Living on the East Coast though (NS), the sun shines on us 3 to 4 hours before our good neighbours out West. ;)